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Sri Anjaneyam Preview

Sri Anjaneyam Peview
Nithin, Charmi

Sri Anjaneyam

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • తెలుగు Comments

There is something uncanny about directors and producers fascination for godly subjects. It never runs out of fashion in Tollywood.

Sri Anjaneyam, as the name itself suggests, is a good example of that.

But Sri Anajneyam is not going to be your typical run-of-the-mill graphics-enhanced tacky production. It has the stamp of Krishna Vamsi who takes his films and audiences seriously.

At one level, the film, starring the boyish Nitin and the gamine Charmy in the leads, is about a Hanuman bhakths life.

The film has taken off from the inspiration that Vamsi had after seeing a huge Hanuman statue: What happens if the God comes to us now?

This thought has gained amplification in the film. Of course, it is not a devotion-dripping film. Vamsi has intelligently woven a simple but touching story around it. In a sense, the film is a commentary on the society we live in.

Nitin, as Anji, plays the role of a Hanuman devotee who has a message for people. He has already said that Vamsis treatment of the story is unique.

The film has great scope for emoting.

It is a feeling that is shared by his pair Charmy, who plays the innocent belle named Paddu. An arrogant girl, Padma makes heads turn in the village with her looks and beauty. Not surprisingly, she falls in love with Anji.

But Anji, being Hanumans devotee, cannot marry her. There are also certain other interesting incidents in their lives. Does Paddu get to marry Anji or does she meet a tragic end?

Watch out in Sri Anjaneyam.

The movie has had a great impact on the cast of the film. Charmy, for instance, became a devotee after working in the movie. She became so ardent that she began to fast on auspicious days. She also shed lot of weight to suit the character.

For Nitin, this is an important film as it can help to take his career one notch higher.

The movies cassette is already out and is said to be doing brisk business. The songs have a melodious lilt to them.

Hopefully, the film will have a similar feel.