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Straight Talk - The necessity for Bold and Adult films in Tamil cinema
Friday, August 11, 2017 • Tamil Comments

Cinema is always genre based and each one has its own loyal audiences like Childrens, horror, comedy, action, mass masala or thriller.  One thing that Indian cinema in general and Tamil cinema in particular is missing is movies with bold and adult themes.  For years, it has been considered a taboo and creative expression has been stifled.  However, in this year itself three ‘A’ certified films ‘Lens’, ‘Nisabdham’ and todays release ‘Taramani’ have proved that there is a demand for them.  Much as light entertainment is necessary there is also a need for the stories of an internet abused girl, the regeneration of a broken child and a woman who chooses to live by her own rules.

Adult themed films like Parthiban’s ‘Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga’ which dealt with cheating a man using his sexual desires may have failed at the box office because the makers wanted a UA certificate aiming at a family audience while in reality they should have settled for an A and reached the target audience.  The existing censor rules are perplexing as cinema is an entertainment avenue of choice and is not forced on anyone while Television shows, especially ones involving children are done with adult themes and parents are unwittingly applauding them unmindful of what effect they will have on their young ones.

There is a general misconception about the word adult as most relate it with sex  or tantalization but it needn't be, there is more to it like bringing awareness about how relationships should work, like in ‘Taramani’ or awareness about how porn addiction can ruin a family like in ‘Lens’.  One can also have a good laugh watching an adult comedy like ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ rather than forcing a wry smile on a rehash of stale jokes in usual films masquerading as comedies.  Tamil cinema has surely woken up about making focussed films and more number of adult films are also on the anvil which is a good sign.