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Subramanyam For Sale Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 24, 2015 • Telugu ]
Subramanyam For Sale Review
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Sai Dharam Tej, Regina
Harish Shankar S
Subramanyam For Sale

A hero who wears his calcuated nature on his sleeves, a heroine who elopes to marry a morally depraved character, a cliched set-up in America - all this is easily not a premise worth attention.  However, Harish Shanker shows his imagination in transforming a mundane premise into a rom-com and a family entertainer, surprising us with baddies who turn out to be comedy villains, and family members who value relationships.  'Subramanyam for Sale' doesn't indulge the hero's large-heartedness beyond a point.  For, it is a story which doesn't revolve around his supposed greatness.  His goodness is projected through dialogue by different characters (Naga Babu actually addresses him 'Bangaram' - apparently this is not to remind us of that Pawan Kalyan starrer), but the film itself does not fortunately dwell too much on the hero's sweet personality.

Although most of the the elements have been unveiled on the Telugu screen in recent times, that too, again and again, the film keeps us engaged mainly because of the humour in the script, a feat accomplished by Harish Shankar's dialogue.  When you think the baddies are just another bunch of blood-thirsty goons who never have common sense, they turn out to be comedy villains after a supposed software engineer -  just because an elder had died mouthing the names of softwares.  If Brahmanandam doesn't excite, the consolation comes in the form of the hero singing 'Sita tho veezy kadu.. veezy kadu', seamlessly breaking into the Gabbar Singh dance.  At one point, the comedy villains, a dozen or so of them, lend themselves for a family comedy, complete with a reference to the confusions created by Krishna Vamsi's countless family characters.

Subramanyam can do anything for the sake of money but there is a rider - 'Nenu dabbu kosam digi vastanu kani, digajaranu', he says when the heroine is in distress.  He and Sita (Regina Cassandra) have to make a living in the US, where they have been thrown into difficulties by circumstances.  Almost strangers that they are, they decide to act as a couple for the sake of winning a prize to be announced by NRI Rajsekhar, played by Naga Babu.  Soon they face a situation when they have no option but to fake their togetherness as a loving couple.  Subramanyam has other troubles posed by Ajay, and Sita has a problem trying to put her past behind and having to live with a money-minded boy whom she loves secretly.

After a few scenes that look unimaginative, this film comes into its own and never ceases to entertain till the climax.  If the situations are reminiscent of a film or two, here and there, the lead pair strike an easy chemistry.  As a damsel in distress, Regina is measured and restrained in light-veined scenes (although the teary avatar could have been subdued).  As a man with a heart but the casualness of a Pawan Kalyan, Dharam Tej effortlessly cackles up the screen with Regina in tandem.

It's Harish Shankar's film all the way; one can  hardly miss his imprint everytime one realizes that it is the hero who the director is falling back on.  The scene where Dharam Tej gives back Regina her slap is one where more than the hero, Harish's hero is visible.  It is again the case when the 'alludu' demands his due from the reluctant family members.  Thanks to this characterization, we are spared of a routine dose of Venkatesh-is-loved-slowly-but-surely-with-tears-in-their-eyes-by-one-and-all.  The climax does come with a mawkish dose, this time by an unlikely character who almost says, 'baaaboooooo', but that is pardonable.

Brahmanandam re-enters the scene to hold out a threat and as expected he ends up playing into the hero's hands, and as not expected, the ensuing episodes are not Srinu Vaitla-ised.  Prabhas Srinu, for a change, is befooled by the hero's false narrative.  Comedy of confusion is the turn of the funny Gabbar Singh gang.  Fish Venkat brings the house down with his swallowed 'WTF'.  Ajay and Adah Sharma entertain but one feels Salim Pheku of 'Hyderabad Nawabs' fame was used better.  Tagubothu Ramesh gets to lock horns with Kota Srinivas Rao and even this one is not wasted to pay a tribute by Harish Shanakr to Harish Shankar's Gabbar Singh.

The dialogue on the IQ index moves northwards slowly but surely.  After delivering a slew of colourless ones, Harish Shankar's pen dishes out rib-tickling lines, especially in the second half.  The sentiment quotient seems to go over-board a bit in the climax.

This one is a great launch for Dharam Tej, who makes an impact with his natural emotions.  The Pawan Kalyan hangover can't be missed; his dance moves stand out, especially in the 'Guvva gorinka' remix.  He surely does full justice to a film that depends on the hero for good measure.  His chemistry with Regina is a big asset.  Regina gets a role befitting her talent in a long time (her 'Routine Love Story' and 'Ra Ra Krishnayya' acts were good, too, but this one is most likely to be bring her fame).

The technical aspects are deft and dexterous.  Mickey J Meyer's music is a winner, so also Ram Prasad's cinematography.

Verdict: A rom-com and a family entertainer, this one is 'bhale bhale' Subramanyam for sure.  Watch out for Dharam Tej's natural act, the lead pair, and dialogue.

తెలుగు వెర్షన్ రివ్యూ

Rating: 3.25 / 5.0

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