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'Sye Raa' is getting standing ovations: Megastar Chiranjeevi

Thursday, October 3, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Sye Raa is getting standing ovations: Megastar Chiranjeevi

A Thank You Meet was held on Thursday by the Team Sye Raa to celebrate the film's BO release. It was graced by Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan and others associated with the magnum opus.

Senior writer Satyanand said, "This film was possible only because a producer and a director were ready. What couldn't materialize in 10 years happened because of Ram Charan and Surender Reddy, finally. I am extremely happy that Chiranjeevi garu's dream has been fulfilled by 'Sye Raa'."

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said, "I feel I and Chiranjeevi garu were related in our previous births. I could complete writing 'Khaidi' for him in just 3 hours flat. It's not my greatness but of Chiranjeevi garu, who deserved such a story. 'Gharana Mogudu', 'Gang Leader', 'Adivi Donga', 'Kondaveeti Donga', 'Indra' and the likes followed. A full-on comedy like 'Bavagaru Bagunnaru' too happened. After all these films, we wanted to do a historic movie with him. We enthused Ram Charan to splurge big monies on the great story of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. Charan fell for the story. Chiranjeevi garu has pulled off risky horse-riding shots in the movie. Even Americans are dying to watch 'Sye Raa'. My young granddaughter used the word 'Iragadeesaru' for this movie. I didn't expect my American-bred girl to use such a colloquial term. Jagapathi Babu has played the best role in his career. He made me cry with his performance. Rathnavelu is the best cinematographer I have seen. He can make even me look handsome."

Paruchuri Gopalakrishna said, "Without my brother, this film wouldn't have been there. It was he who conceived the story in 2004. He was determined to write a timeless story for Chiranjeevi garu. Once the story was written, we yearned to find the right producer who can bankroll the expensive movie. It was a Rs 70 Cr movie years ago. As Ram Charan took it upon himself to make the best movie, the budget multiplied. When Chiranjeevi garu was busy in politics, he asked us to do the story with Ram Charan. But we insisted that only Megastar should do it. Pawan Kalyan garu was thrilled on listening to the story. We spent sleepless nights writing this script because we didn't want any goof-up to happen in telling the saga of a great Telugu man. 'Entha nuvvu?! Evaru nuvu?! Ekkadi nuvu?! Ikkada nenu. Narasimha Reddy'. This line was there in the movie but it was not included in the final version. Replace the name 'Narasimha Reddy' with 'Chiranjeevi' and it will still make perfect sense."

Surender Reddy said, "Three years looked nothing after seeing the response to our movie. I spent sleepless nights once the script was in my hands. Successful historical movies have been few and far between. There is no comedy in the movie. It has a tragic ending. There are no songs. Can such a film be successful? That's what I had feared. But I relied on the film's patriotic streak. This emotion drove me while making 'Sye Raa'. I bow before the Mega fans and audience for accepting the movie as it is. I thank my actors and technicians who have made this spectacle possible. Dialogue-writer Sai Madhav Burra garu travelled with me throughout and wrote several versions of each line. Ram Charan garu had a dream and it was his father's dream, too. I am very proud that I was a part in making his dream come true. This film is the result of the toil of 500 families. I urge everyone to discourage piracy."

Jagapathi Babu said that 'nannaku prematho' is nothing but Ram Charan himself. "Despite the huge burden, Ram Charan would always smile during the film's making. Chiranjeevi garu did a lot of physical labour in doing the role. He must have gone through a lot of stress, given the high stakes involved. I am yet to watch the movie. Someone had joked that we are all junior artists in 'Sye Raa'. But the director has put every actor to the best use. I didn't know that I would be playing such a big role in the movie."

Tamannah said, "I thank the director for the best role of my career. The biggest compliment in my life is someone calling me Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy. People have understood my character's journey and this is a big achievement in itself for me. Chiranjeevi garu is so simple and warm that I tend to forget that he is a demi-God to millions. It's my dream to work with Sushmitha Konidela, the costume designer, again and again. I am so proud of Ram Charan."

Dil Raju said, "This film is the child of an old dream of its writers and Chiranjeevi garu. 'Sye Raa' will stand out as a timeless movie that collected Rs 85 Cr (gross) on Day 1 worldwide. We in Telugu tend to talk about share figures but, if we talk like Bollywoodians, it's a huge gross figure. This film is doing wonders. When Surender Reddy said that he would be directing 'Sye Raa', I had my doubts as to how he would handle a serious subject like this one. I cried three times while watching the movie yesterday. The Nayanthara-Tamannaah scene, the scene where Tamannaah attempts suicide, and the last scene where Chiranjeevi garu's mother captures drops of blood - these scenes had me in tears."

Ram Charan said, "I bow my head to the vision of Paruchuri Brothers. Sai Madhav garu's dialogues have elevated every scene. When VFX is involved, producers are worried usually. But this one was a rather smooth journey, thanks to Kamalkannan garu. I had worked with cinematographer Rathnavelu on 'Khaidi No. 150' and 'Rangasthalam'. Production Designer Rajeevan sir had the most difficult job on the massive sets. He designed about 40 sets for this movie. He did it without causing the overshooting of the budget. Vidya akka (CEO of Konidela Productions) and Sushmitha akka were my pillars during the making of the film. They would be on the sets throughout the day, taking care of everything in my absence. Jagapathi Babu garu is the most beautiful person. I thank my friend, Vikram, who is the backbone of UV Creations. I had had disturbed sleep for 20 days before the film's release. Maybe all producers go through this phase (laughs)! Rajamouli garu and Tarak would ask me why I am looking tensed (on the sets of 'RRR'). I didn't even realize that I was tensed. I was lost in thoughts. I thank the media for supporting the movie."

Megastar Chiranjeevi said, "I have interacted a lot with the media regarding this film. Coming to the film, I was excited to play the role of a freedom fighter. We couldn't have compromised anywhere. That's why we had to defer the project for 10 years. Once everything fell in place, we gave our all for 2.5 years. Surender Reddy garu worked on the story for one month to dramatize the scenes in his own style. His treatment is superb. I myself was surprised by how he wised up the scenes. Writer Satyanand garu gave valuable and timely suggestions regarding the script; he is like a 'script doctor'. Thanks to Rathnavelu, I am 20 years younger in the movie. Rajeevan garu studied the headgears, architecture, etc of the 19th Century and gave excellent output. 'Sye Raa' has got 3,800 VFX shots and they were worked in 20-25 countries. Kamalkannan garu's job was very stressful in ensuring that everything was timely. Sai Madhav Burra garu's talent needs no introduction. He hails from a talented family. His dialogues are top-notch. Amitabh Bachchan garu didn't let us spend money on him and his team.

He visited Hyderabad for shoots at his own expense, in his private jet. He did all this only because he treats me as his friend. I have learned so much from him regarding the value of friendship. Sai Chand has done a fine job like the other actors. He didn't do any other film during Sye Raa's making because he had grown a beard for his role. Jagapathi Babu garu would never make any demands. He is such a fine person. Sudeep was telling me today that 'Sye Raa' is a big hit in Karnataka. We held a screening for media on October 1 and soon after the show, they gave a standing ovation. They saw 'Sye Raa' as an Indian film, not as a regional film. Tamannaah's performance is getting the best compliments after mine. The reviews have really delighted me. I was surprised to see my daughter, Sushmita, work without airs. She is not conscious of her status as Megastar's daughter and a superstar's sister. Surender Reddy is a wonder. I thank Anushka on this occasion. She didn't expect anything from us despite being a big star. She wanted to be a part of my film and that's all. Mahesh Babu, Mohan Babu garu, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Nani, among others, have loved hte movie. Rajamouli garu and others have tweeted out in favour of our movie and I thank all of them."

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