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Team 5 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 24, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Team 5 Review
SreesanthNikki GalraniPearle MaaneyMakarand Deshpande
Suresh Govind
Raj Zacharias
Gopi Sunder

A movie which seems to have been made to capitalize on Sreesanth’s “popularity”, ‘Team Five’ is an uninspiring movie at best. The movie offers nothing in terms of emotional quotient, humour, motivation or even spectacle. All there is are mindless stunts and inane conversations. Coupled with some really bad acting and script, ‘Team Five’ is hardly a pleasurable outing.

The story revolves around Akhil (Sreesanth), an engineering dropout. He does bike stunts without the knowledge of his mother and uncle. Pearle Maaney plays his boisterous sister. There are all those clichéd moments of pressure from home, the stunt team circle, the girl of his dreams, an incident that disrupts his life, and a getting over it. The narrative is conceived in a way to unravel the incident that changed his life.

The problem with the screenplay is that it lacks originality. It is a mashup of popular tropes. Maybe, it would have been alright with the right dialogues and a better script.  The narrative style and conception is repetitive. Most of the story can be foretold by anyone, with the hints being none too subtle. We also hardly feel any empathy with Akhil. Moreover the “incident” that changes his life and the change itself has not been narrated well.

Sreesanth’s acting is nothing much to talk about. His emotional outbursts are funny at best. Most of the time, he is saved by only having his back shown. Nikki Galrani as his lady love is one of those typical heroines in the movie. Pearle Maaney is a bit too loud, though okay to watch. Makarand Deshpande is wasted in such a movie. The intrigues that surround him have not been conveyed well enough. With such a bad characterization, it wouldn’t actually be fair to comment on the acting chops of the team.

There are technically good moments here and there. But on in all, the feel we get is a shoddy make which takes away from any goodness that we can witness in the movie. Even Gopi Sundar’s music doesn’t do anything for the movie. Probably the good thing about the movie is that it is a short ride and doesn’t tax you beyond the short running time of the movie. That said, the shortness also makes one know the hurried pace of the movie. This Suresh Govind directorial tries to straddle the popular genre but fails to be even passably good.

This stunt of a movie moves just too low and too fast. ‘Team Five’ is a mediocre movie that falls flat too soon.

Rating: 1 / 5.0

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