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Tejabhai And Family Preview

Tejabhai And Family Peview
Ananda Vision
Prithwiraj, Akhila Sasidharan, Suraj
Deepu Karunakaran
P.K. Muraleedharan, Santha Muraleedharan
Deepak Dev
Teja Bhai And Family

Tejabhai And Family

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

After making some big hits in 2011, Young star Prithviraj will be meeting the Box office with a full time comedy film for the first time in 'Thejabhai and family'. This Onam offering from the star will be directed by Deepu karunakaran, who had made a name with the Dileep hit 'Crazy Gopalan'.

The movie will have Prithviraj as Thejabhai, the young don operating in Malaysia. He has made a name for himself in Kuala Lumpur as a believable gangster, who will somehow manage to fulfil his agreements on time. Though a fierce don, he has a simple heart and falls for a social activist Vedika. After much running around the bush, Thejabhai success in getting the love of Vedhika. But the problem starts when Vedhika tells her family about Thejabhai. The only condition that Vedika's father , Damodharji who is a big business magnet based on Malaysia, put before is that they will agree to any person who comes from a big joint family.

Theja, but had a sad past where he had built himself from a humble start as an orphan with no one to support him. But for vedhika, he has to find one family to suit the demands of his future in-laws. Now it is all left to Rajaguru maharishy Vashy vachassu, who is a distant relative and friend of Theja. He agreess to Theja that everything will be taken care of and that when Theja is back to India, a big joint family of him will be in the waiting. The movie goes on to tell  the interesting twist in tales that follows with the arrival of Theja, Vedhika and her relatives to Theja's big family.

Also scripted by the director, Suraj Venjaaramoodu will appear in a full length role with Prithvi as Rajaguru Vashyavajassu. Thalaivaasal Vijay becomes Damodharji while 'Karyasthan' fame Akhila is cast in the role of Vedhika.Jagathy, Jagadheeesh, Harishree Ashokan,Salimkumar,  Manianpillai Raju, Indrans, Keerikadan Jsoe, Bindhu Panikkar, Ponnamma Babu and Kulappulli Leela are also part of the cast of the movie. While Sham Dutt is in charge of the cinematography, Manoj does the editing.

The evergreen dance song of Mollywood 'Oru Madhurakinavin' from the eighties hit 'Kanaamarayathu' will be featured in the  movie. The version of the  ever  remembered and cherished disco song  performed by Rehman' with original lyrics from Bichu Thirumala and music by Shyam will be remixed by the new age musician Deepak Dev, who is currently enjoying the big musical success of his latest 'Urumi'. The song will be shot on Prithviraj and will be a highlight of the humorous action thriller. 'Thejabai and family' will also feature three other songs penned by kaithapram.

The movie produced by Santha Murali and P K Muralidharan in the banner of Anantha Vision will get to theatres for this Onam.