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Ten reasons to not miss 'Beyond the Clouds' by Majid Majidi

Monday, April 16, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Majid Majidi is an Oscar winner and an internationally renowned name in the world of cinema. More than a director he his considered to be an auteur who has dished out phenomenal movies like ‘Chilren of the Heaven’, ‘The Colour of Paradise’ and ‘The Song of Sparrows’. The next in line for the director’s is ‘Beyond the Clouds’.

For the uninitiated, here are the top ten reasons why you must not miss his movie.

1. Well, if we havn’t said it yet, Majid is an Iranian director. So the film’s crew and technicians is obviously comprised of Iranians, so you think. Exactly NO! The director has shot the entire movie with a crew only Indian and completely in Indian locations. So this movie is truly Indian in every sense!

2. Even though he is a foreign director, two great Indian talents will be show-cased to the world with this movie. And they are debutants as well! Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan are playing the film’s lead roles of a brother and sister in this much anticipated movie.

3. ‘Beyond the Clouds’ has a USP. And that is for the first time two great artists namely AR Rahman and the director himself are uniting for the movie. Rahman is already a acclaimed person in the international forum for his works, and it is only expected that this movie will also be a magical musical treat.

4. The film is touted to capture the city of Mumbai in a never before way. How is that? you ask. And this is where the country’s ace cinematographer comes in none other than Anil Mehta who has impressed with his outings in ‘Lagaan’, ‘The Musical’, ‘Saathiya’ and ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’as well.

5. One another important strength of the movie is its dialogue writer. Remember writer Vishal Bharadwaj’s audacious and strong lines from the film ‘Kaminey’ which was a cult hit. Expect some real life defining dialogues from ‘Beyond the Clouds’ as well.

6. Any serious movie buff,more than all the technical aspects of the movie is interested in one thing and that is the content matter of the movie. And there is no lack of the same in this movie as well.  The movie revolves around a brother and story and their inner struggle of understanding the right an dwrong, the light and the dark, insanity of life and its workings. Majid is a world class director, so expect this movie to be of great quality content wise as well.

7. Okay, we’ve already talked about how Rahman’s music for the film is going to have you gripped by its sheer magic, but hear these two tracks  Ey Chote Motor Chala and Aala Re and you’ll know why this was worth mentioning as a reason to watch the film.

8. We gauge a lot of movies by the type of attention they receive or by reviews. And ‘Beyond the clouds’ has been already screened in various international film festivals and the response has been great for the movie. The film has been screened in London, Dubai, Busan, Istanbul and IFFI in Goa. So,there you go!

9. When ‘Slumdog Millionarie’ hit the screens the response was phenomenal. More than as a film more interest was shown by the international community on India. Similarly,this movie will also showcase India to the world comunity with its message of hope that goes beyond the bounds of blood.

10. ‘Children of Heaven’is what got dircetor Majid Majidi an Oscar. Guess what those who have already seen the movie is telling about the film: that it is a grown up version of ‘Children of Heaven’. A more mature,sophisticated version even,one could tell.

With all these combined and for the sheer love of movies,it is guaranteed that ‘Beyond the Clouds’ will be a great watch.