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Thoondil Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, February 19, 2008 • Tamil ]
Thoondil Review
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Shaam, Sandhya, Dhivya, Revathi, Vivek
M.Rajkumar, SSR Thillainathan
Abhisekh Rey

'Thoondil', Athiyaman's entertainer with romance, suspense, and sentimental drama scores on many counts. First it scores in terms of a novel plot that revolves around three characters inter-related with the feeling of love in one way or the other.

Despite having lot of twists and turns, 'Thoondil' has a very simple storyline. It is about a young couple Sriram (Shaam) and Anjali (Sandhya) living in London. They have a problem, as Anjali, who is so badly needs a baby, cannot conceive a child due to her inability to produce eggs.

The gynecologist (Revathi) tries her best but she is unable to do any wonders. But surprisingly Anjali conceives and gives birth to a child soon. When she enjoys the life with her husband and child, her child is snatched away by Divya (Divya Spandana), a leading model in London. She happens to be Sriram's former lover.

Sriram, who loves his wife very much, is not able to redeem his child from his ex-lover for some hidden reason. Earlier, he hid the fact that he had a lover before marriage. When he tells the truth to his beloved wife, it is just too late.

Worse, Divya, who is on a revenge mode, claims that she is the mother of the child. She proves her claim with ample evidence in the court of law as well. Sriram's efforts to get back the child from the clutches of determined Divya fail miserably.

However, another unexpected turn of events settles the issue amicably, when the helpless couple is just about to leave London.

How does Anjali give birth to the child? How does Divya take the child and keep it with her? How does the predicament get solved? The well written script provides you the answers.

Director Athiyaman has crafted a script that has entertainment value entwined with a suspense element. The twists keep the momentum intact. Athiyaman's execution of some scenes is praiseworthy (Anjali's longing for a child, Divya's love with Sriram, and the way Divya outsmarts Sriram). The way he builds up the suspense (the bullet shot at Sriram's car, the cyber crime episode, and the developments in the hospital) makes the proceeding interesting and intriguing.

The basic plot is the same old triangular drama. Ex-lover interfering in the life of her man is not a new theme. But Athiyaman has brought in a new dimension in the form of egg donation and its aftermath. Though the way he tells you the story is by and large convincing, he could have thought of stronger reason as to why Sriram has parted with Divya. The parting kiss by Divya is touching.

Performance wise, Shaam, who makes a come back after a long time, has given a memorable performance. He depicts the predicament of a man being caught amidst a loving wife and a vengeful lover with vengeance well. His handling of Ajnali's childlike behavior is noteworthy.

Sandhya as Anjali has done her part well. She has got the guts to play the role of a mother at such a young age. She is refreshing in romantic scenes and impressive in emotional scenes. Her rumbling over her lost child is quite effective. Her performance makes the audience feel for the plight of the character.

Divya in a role with negative shade steals the show with an outstanding performance. Her expressive eyes, subtle variations in her facial expressions, and her body language (especially when she meets Sriram in the island for the second time and when she shots the man, who threatens her) are amazing. She looks beautiful. She is lovely when she is seen as an aspiring model. She has got a sumptuous role and has handled it with conviction.

Revathi and RK have done their respective parts well. Athiyaman has handled a horde of British actors with ease.

Vivek succeeds in

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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