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Season : 1Episode : 3Release Date : 22/03/2024


Thulasivanam beautifully portrays the journey of a young aspiring cricketer who relocates to Hyderabad in pursuit of his dream, only to encounter the challenges of adapting to life in a new city.

Rating - 1 / 5


Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 23, 2024 ]

Thulasivanam: Ego Problem

Thulasivanam beautifully portrays the journey of a young aspiring cricketer who relocates to Hyderabad in pursuit of his dream, only to encounter the challenges of adapting to life in a new city. The series skillfully captures the essence of struggle, growth, and resilience, making it a compelling watch for sports enthusiasts and fans of heartfelt storytelling alike.

Thulasivanam Web Series Review


Thulasiram (Akshay Lagusani), a young man from Kurnool, has harbored a deep-seated dream of becoming a cricketer since his early years. However, under the weight of his father's expectations, he reluctantly sets aside his passion and journeys to Delhi to pursue coaching and eventually become an IAS officer, fulfilling his father's aspirations.

Despite his commitment to this path, Thulasiram's unwavering love for cricket continues to tug at his heartstrings, eventually leading him down a different path altogether. The narrative unfolds as Thulasiram navigates the crossroads between his father's dreams and his own passion for cricket, ultimately determining his destiny.

The story intricately weaves together themes of family expectations, personal aspirations, and the pursuit of one's true calling, culminating in a compelling exploration of identity and purpose. Thulasiram's journey serves as a poignant reminder of the power of following one's heart and the resilience required to forge a path of one's own, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Thulasivanam Web Series Review


Akshay Lagusani delivers a commendable performance as the young protagonist whose life is deeply influenced by his strict father. His portrayal is marked by genuine expressions and realistic emoting, with a natural body language and dialogue delivery that adds authenticity to his character. Venkatesh Kakamanu brings a light-hearted touch to the narrative with his role as Thulasiram's friend, eliciting a few laughs. Rajrajan impresses in his portrayal of a Delhi student, while Siddharth Gollapudi delivers a satisfactory performance in his role. Aishwarya Hollakal, making her appearance as the female lead, delivers a fine performance that complements the storyline.

'Thulasivanam' web series episodes, each spanning around 40 minutes, follow a predictable trajectory from start to finish. Scenes depicting Thulasiram's dreams and his father's challenges feel routine and outdated, lacking the element of surprise or novelty that could engage viewers. The incorporation of youthful elements and comedy fails to offer anything fresh, with a reliance on clichéd scenarios. The excessive focus on drinking and partying scenes involving Thulasi and his friends detracts from the narrative, with director Anil seeming more preoccupied with these moments than with advancing the story.

Thulasivanam Web Series Review

The overall narrative feels stale, with a screenplay and direction that fall below par. Dialogues lack depth and variation, often becoming predictable and monotonous. Raviteja Girijala's editing leaves much to be desired, with repetitive scenes and pacing issues that may test the patience of viewers. The cinematography by Prem Sagar is adequate and aligns well with the storyline. However, the background score and music by Smaran are below average, failing to elevate the viewing experience. Overall, 'Thulasivanam' suffers from subpar production values, ultimately failing to leave a lasting impression on its audience.


Thulasivanam disappoints as it falls into the trap of predictability and staleness, failing to offer anything fresh or engaging. Despite its promising youthful content, Director Anil struggles to infuse the series with the spark of wit and humor it desperately needs. The result is a missed opportunity to breathe new life into the genre, leaving audiences craving for the creativity and laughter they were promised.


Cast: Siddharth Gollapudi, Aishwarya Hollakal, Venkatesh Kakamanu, Akshay Lagusani, Rajrajan

Director: Anil Reddy

Music: Smaran Sai

Cinematography: Prem Sagar

Producer: Swagath Reddy, Nilith Paidipally, Preetham Devi Reddy, Anil Boreddy, Pavan Reddy Kandi, Jeevan Kumar, Saikrishna Gadwal

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