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Tom Dick Harry Preview

Tom Dick Harry Peview
Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Celina Jaitley, Anuj Sawhney, Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Lakhia, Javed Khan, Avtar Gill, Rakesh Bedi, Kunika, Kim Sharma
Deepak Tijori
Sudhir Kumar, Surendra Bhatia, Avinash Bhatia

Tom Dick Harry

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

2005 was one year when almost all comedies worked. Well, there were a few stray cases when a movie fell like a pack of cards but then that's the risk that is always associated with filming a comic script. Nevertheless when one compares comedy to an action film or say, a sleazy film, the success ratio was far higher for it in the year gone by. Director Deepak Tijori takes on the challenge to carry a hit formula further and comes up with a multistarrer comedy film 'Tom Dick Harry'. In the past he has made dark films like 'Oops', 'Khamosh' and 'Fareb' (none of which came anywhere close to hitting the bull's eye at the box office) and now the time may just be right for him to instead try his hands at comedy.

Tom Dick Harry is about three young men who are named (obviously) Tom, Dick and Harry! In their early twenties, each of the three have one thing in common - they are handicapped when it comes to one of their senses.

Tom [Dino Morea] is deaf
Dick [Anuj Sawhney] is blind
Harry [Jimmy Shergill] is dumb

And when the three meet, there is fun all around!

Though the three have one or the other shortcoming, it would be wrong to believe that they could be taken for a ride. Because each of the three have something that others may not have - a power to sense something which a man on the street doesn't possess!

Tom can hear that others cannot
Dick can see what others cannot
Harry can speak what others cannot

Confused? Well, that's the intent because this is what forms the pretext of this rop roaring adventure that Tom, Dick and Harry plan to take us through.

Each of the three stay together as paying guests and are content with the way they are until their lives take a twist with the arrival of Celina [Celina Jaitley]! She comes to stay in the same colony as Tom, Dick and Harry and no wonder they fall for her beauty and charms. Now each of the three has one mission in life - to somehow make Celina fall in love with him! But does Celina care for any of them? Naah! Because for her none of them really matters.

While the three continue to woo her, matters are not so straightforward at least for Tom. That's because there is a local 'machchiwaali' (fisher-woman) Bijlee [Kim Sharma] who is heads over heels in love with him.

There is fun, frolic, laughter and everything else that is associated with young hearts falling in love with each other. But things were never meant to be all rosy for Tom, Dick and Harry. Because soon destiny makes them confront BAD MAN Suparno [Gulshan Grover] who is REALLY BAD! One incident leads to another and the three soon find themselves trapped in a game from where it is only themselves who can help to find a way out.

On the other hand Suparno is not alone as he has on his side the knowledge, skills and the art of none other than the three villains who have immortalized themselves in the history of villainy:

They are Gabbar, Shakaal and Mogambo!

What made Suparno go after the lives of three innocent boys Tom, Dick and Harry?
When would the three get back to their love and enjoy a simple life?
Where would destiny take the three?

Come, join the chase that is filled with comedy of errors.

Produced by Sudhir Kumar, Surendra Bhatia and Avinash Bhatia from Oracle Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (who had earlier come up with 'Fun - Can Be Dangerous Sometimes' last year), Tom Dick Harry releases this summer.