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Tommy Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 13, 2015 • Telugu ]
Tommy Review
Bapu Pictures
Dr Rajendra Prasad, Sita, Deepak, Mumtaj, Suresh, Raghubabu, L. B. Sriram, Surya,
Raja Vannemreddy
Hariramajogaiah, Bonam Chinna Babu

Tommy Movie Review

When an unusual story has to be told, you expect the director to have a bit of knack for the eccentric.  Besides an ability to pep up the proceedings by way of a child-like way of looking at things (especially when a story of tender sensibilities is involved), he should have a taste for the profound.  In short, a director should sell a small idea as if it were a big one, justifying it through narration.

While watching Raja Vannam Reddy's 'Tommy', one is taken aback by the sheer lack of cinematic expression.  To say that it feels like a vacuous documentary would be an understatement.  Blissfully short, it falls short of a plot.  If at times the film barely rises above the banal, at other times, it borders on the parody.  At times, the narration feels like a B-grade commercial ad.  At others, the sheer lack of substance in dialogues lets us down.

Viswanatham master (Rajendra Prasad) bumps into a pet dog at the railway station, which won't leave him even if he wants to get rid of it.   There are two possible explanations for the dog's behaviour: either it had a purva janma connect with Viswam master or Viswam master is too noble for the dog to ignore him!  Whatever may the reason, the good-hearted professor can't let it go after bonding with it over chips or something.  Seeta, as Rajendra Prasad's wife, says on the phone, "Meeku.. meeku kavala.." when someone calls the landline up for buying the pet.  But after a while, she realizes that the bonding is solid.  As destiny would have it, after a year's time (the film takes a leap to let the baby become big), the whole family is centered on this dog!  The daughter calls up the good mom from her hostel and they both are seen engaged in talking about Tommy.  Everyone in the village inquires Vishwam master about the Tommy.  It's the latest and permanent sensation in the village.

The husband, wife and the daughter have either to pamper it (with or without 'happy tears' in their eyes), bathe it in water, or do that 'irugu dishti, porugu dishti' stuff.  "I don't understand how I was able to live before Tommy came in my life," Vishwam says.  Well, of all the passengers, why did Tommy run behind Vishwam master?  That's another billion dollar question.

The father agrees to his daughter's boy friend once Tommy approves of him!  "Ika Tommy oppesukonnaka, nakenti!" he says.

The interval bang is an eyewash.  The second half is more or less on a same level as the first half, except the last few scenes.  It's absurd that except for a running song involving Vishwam and Tommy, there is no emotional connect anywhere.  There is the customary bad son who is in the US, ignoring the old father, played by LB Sriram.  "I want a dog to be born to me in my next life," says the frustrated father!

As said at the outset, the narration is utterly unimaginative.  Insubstantial dialogues aside, the technical values fall flat.

The 'Jamu Ratri' remix between Rajendra Prasad and Seetha is hardly entertaining.

As for the performances, the veteran star is at his usual ease.  He doesn't get an author-backed role but only needs to do some casual stuff that doesn't demand versatility from him.

Verdict: A jaded story-telling style that smacks of old-fashioned expression.

Rating: 1.00 / 5.0

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