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Four More Shots Please


Season : 2Episode : 10Release Date : 17/04/2020


Four More Shots Please, became a successful all women lead cast web-series from Indian origin. But the content wasn't highly appreciated over the time as the show seemed to be heavily inspired

Rating - 2 / 5

Too Urbane Mis-mash

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 15, 2020 ]

Four More Shots Please, became a successful all women lead cast web-series from Indian origin. But the content wasn't highly appreciated over the time as the show seemed to be heavily inspired from Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars. Mostly, trying to be hip with high class society women problems and issues faced by successful career oriented bunch of ladies.

May be this is the downfall for the show as well. It doesn't easily connect with you like Panchayat or few other shows. Even though the show seems a little superficial with issues of successful women, it should be easily connectible to average viewer as the issues would be same but the reaction would be different. For example, Devil Wears Prada did not become such sensation because everyone in the World wants to know the behind the doors story in fashion Industry.

It is because of the characters and their heavy duty growth or lack of it over the period of time that the film tries to tell their story. Indeed the characters go through their arcs but you are not expected to route for just one and you find yourself feeling empathy towards the Devil too. But here the problems just don't seem to have any weight beyond some characters being loud about them and some insensitive.

In the name of unapologetic world of women, we get characters that just do things without learning anything from their previous actions or mischiefs. The story follows the same path like in season 1 for every character. Again, Manvi Gagroo's character, Sidhi is asked to go through a relationship that is meaningless just to grow. The season tries to give her character more importance and even tries to make her more edgy than before. We can see that a completely naive girl feeling happy to be independent but her character doesn't grow a bit from there.

It is hinted that she might have to go through a big change in the next season, if there will be one. But for others, the problems are same. Sayani Gupta, even though seems to be the better actress doesn't get to do anything other than being in the same place like she was in first season with her love life. Director and writers tried to come up with new issues but they were too scared to develop them further.

Kriti Kulhari character suddenly turns naive and selfish. We can understand why did eget she did but the season doesn't come up with serious repercussions at all. Bani J character had some thick plotline but it is her parts that are most boring in the entire season. Somehow, the makers couldn't hold out interest to their main story in this season.

All-in-all, Nupur Asthana tried to use the location beauty to capture the audiences eye with her cinematographer's brilliant frames rather than giving any good meat to the women that we are following. The randomness in scenes and the issues faced by them, keeps the narrative mostly disjointed at best. Some issues could have been dealt better but instead we just get beautiful women in fashionable clothes with no real impact on them with problems they are facing due to their actions or due to the world changing constantly around them. Text book clichés are not wrong to stick to but when they just drag out and out to fill the time before one character turns from A to B, we tend to feel bored like hell.

Our Recommendation: Watch it only if you have more time to kill and for picturesque locations, beautiful women.


Cast: Sayani Gupta, Kriti Kulhari, Bani J, Lisa Ray, Manvi Gagroo, Milind Soman, Pratheek Babbar

Director: Nupur Asthana

Writer: Devika Bhagat,Ishitha Moitra

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