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Kamal's Full Speech at Natchathira Vizha

Monday, January 8, 2018 • Tamil Comments

The Natchathira Vizha to raise funds for the Nadigar Sangam building was a grand affair in Malaysia where all the stars of Kollywood including the stalwarts Rajini and Kamal descended driving the gathering into ecstasy.   At the event Vivek hosted a question answer session which Kamal fielded in his own inimitable style. Here we have the English transcipt of Kamal's Tamil speech for your.

Vivek : Tell us a few words about 'Kalathur Kannamma' Kamal, 'Kadhal Mannan' Kamal and now the Kamal who lends his voices for the people...

Kamal : 'Kalathur Kannamma' Kamal (a young boy) was a parrot who used to mimic what others say, the 'Kadhal Mannan' tag was given to me and I enjoyed it for sometime but the Kamal now is my own distinct voice and it is the people who make me speak. 

Vivek : You have lived all your life an atheist has spirutuality touched you at any point as you grew older?

Kamal : Even if I was born an elephant I would still have avoided religion and as  I grow older I have become much wiser.

Vivek : Your cryptic Twitter Tamil is difficult to understand can you please shed some light on that...

Kamal :  Little children use a form of gibberish language to express themselves and I use chaste Tamil to express some words which may sound like an abuse otherwise and when I have to drive home a message it is very useful though some "Tamils" may not understand me.

Vivek :  You are a complete allrounder in cinema being an exponent of dance, comedy, tragedy and most other technicalities of filmmaking...Do you think you have received due recognition in India?

Kamal :  Ambitions know no boundaries and I am addicted to the applause of the audiences and want more and more.  When people praise me I sometimes feel that I deserve it but then when I am alone and when I think about the achievers who came before me I am humbled and would continue to strive hard for recognition. 

Vivek :   You have spoken many iconic lines in your films and if you have to speak one of those for your fans here which one would it be?

Kamal :   In my young age I used to recite the dialogues of Kalaigniar (Karunanidhi) and Nadigar Thilagam (Sivaji Ganesan) and learn Tamil .  My greatest moment came when dialogues written by me were rendered by my hero (Sivaji Ganesan) in 'Devar Magan' and  I am proud to speak that "Aana Vedha Naan Pottadhu" ( The seeds were sown by me). 

Vivek :  (In Politics) When others were afraid even to wet their thumbs, you submerged neck deep... Would your political journey continue?

Kamal :  It was not something that I chose but it was thrust upon me and that too like the 2015 Chennai floods we are engulfed by a storm and now I have the confidence that I can swim against the tide and it is not as an individual but as a collective force called Tamilians. 

Vivek : Whenever you face constant adversities in your life have you ever resorted to astrology or birth charts ?

Kamal : When I was in my teens my mom afraid that I would become a good for nothing, sought astrological predictions but I have proved many of them wrong.  That is not because of my talent alone but my guru K.Balachander's guidance. 

Vivek :   Can you relate the experience of your first visit to Malaysia?

Kamal :  Thats an unforgettable experience for both me and Rajinikanth when we came here thirty years back to shoot K.Balachander's 'Ninaithale Inikkum' and used to travel together by buses. After that we have visited many many times and as Rajini said it is like a second home to us. 

Vivek :  Your message to your Malaysian and world fans...

Kamal : You are the center of the world and I also exist...You should stop seeking a leader and embrace talent. 

Vivek : How would you like to be remembered after your time?

Kamal :  I dont want to be remembered as "he came he lived he is gone" but "he lives on..."