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Ungarala Rambabu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 15, 2017 • Telugu ]
Ungarala Rambabu Review
Sunil , Miya George , Prakash Raj , Posani Krishna Murali , Ali ,Raja Ravindra ,
Kranthi Madhav
Paruchuri Kireeti

Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review

Ungarala Rambabu, starring Sunil, Miya George and Prakash Raj, hits the screens this Friday.  Here is our review.


Rambabu (Sunil) is an orphan whose grandfather is a businessman.  It's only when the grandpa dies that Rambabu comes to know that the business has been insolvent.  Overnight, the crorepathi turns into a bankrupted bikari.

But worry not.  The very next day, he chances upon a heist of gold worth Rs. 200 CR and overnight, he is a millionaire once again.

He falls in love with his employee Savitri (Miya George) and, along with her, goes to a village in Kerala to convince her father (Prakash Raj, as a communist leader) that he is the right person to marry her.

But here comes the conflict.  Rambabu is a businessman whom his lover's Communist father sees as an exploitative Capitalist.  What follows next is how Rambabu convinces that he is the right kind of guy with the golden heart.


We suspect that Sunil's directors end up losing the plot everytime torn as they are between the pulls of showing him as an imbecilic comedy hero and the pressures of portraying him as a thinking male lead.  They are neither here nor there.

'Krishnashtami' was a catastrophe.  'Eedu Gold Ehe' was a calamity.  And 'UR' is legendary, whose afflictions range from an inconsistently characterized hero to a script that treats seriousness with contempt.

Our filmi heroes are peculiar dudes.  You don't believe us?  They are amazing human beings whose greatness they hide from the world until that scene in the heroine's house which demands an instant solution baptized in sentimental dialogues.  If they are that efficient and well-cultured, why on earth do our heroes behave like children all the while?  They can solve any problem, but they behave like bumbling jokers otherwise.  What is the point?

Rambabu reveals his awesomeness when the heroine's family needs liberation out of a crisis, or when Prakash Raj's village needs redemption.  In the rest of the film, he works his best to project himself as selfish and uneducated and delays the arrival of the climax!

You may be a communist crusader who has read reams of literature, but only our hero knows how to convince the administration that some X project is not good for the people.  Wow.

Heroines not having a brain is one thing.  But Savitri is epic. From romantically saying 'Ae pani aina moodu sarlu chestada?' about the hero to enjoying 'first night' when used mischievously by a stranger in Dubai, she is a surrealist.  In the crucial interval scene where her father and the hero have a verbal duel, she is seen watching all that with a disinterested expression.

And the disciplinarian father has an ideal Alludu Candidate.  No prizes for guessing that it's a buffoon (played by Vennela Kishore).  How many films before they realize this formula is as  outdated as communism?

The songs seem to hinder the flow.  Sunil and Prakash Raj have one too many scenes, while the heroine slides into oblivion in the second half.

The only element that makes sense is the BGM.

Sunil is less self conscious in this film.  He is otherwise caricaturish.  Miya George is wasted.  Prakash Raj is effective in a couple of scenes.

There never was a point in the characters of Posani Krishna Murali, who is a fake Goodman named Badam Baba, and Asish Vidhyarthi, a frivolous gangster.

There is a scene where Rambabu wonders if he is at a museum, not his girlfriend's house.  Our inner turmoil finds a dialogic expression in his frustration.


The film hinges on a formulaic story line that throws up cardboard characters and vacuous, done-to-death situations.

ఉంగరాల రాంబాబు మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగు లో


Rating: 2 / 5.0

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