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Utthaan Preview

Utthaan Peview
Priyanshu Chatterjee, Neha Dhupia, Saroj Khan, Shravan Kumar, Kumar Sanu, Preeti Puri, Anang Desai
Ujjwal Chatterjee
Kumar Sanu


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

'Utthaan', which means rising, is a film set in contemporary times that narrates the tale of today's youth that aims to reach at the top by any means without realizing what they loose in the bargain! A social, 'Utthaan' is a Kumar Sanu production and is directed by Ujjwal Chatterjee who had made his debut with a social/biographical as well, 'Escape From Taliban'.

Corporate world, glamour, politics and media - pick any of these fields and chances are high that there would be enough examples of youngsters gone astray. Yes, there is a level of success that they gain but is it forever? Or is it something that would loose its sheen when reality strikes? Even if that doesn't happen, does it allow one's conscience to be in peace?

Look at the high society and corporate world! There is glamor'n'glitz abound but then what lies beneath? Fake principals, murdered ethics, lost esteem? There is money and luxury in abundance but then what can it buy? Happiness, peace of mind, a world full of harmony and peace?

Same holds good for politics where certain bad elements give it a dirty name! Some employ all means to make politics a business, some use to treat it as means to meet their own ends! What one may gain in the end is immense power, name, recognition and influence but one shudders to think about the losses in bargain!

What role does media have to play in such a scenario? A lot! But does media really take a neutral approach? Or does it become hands in glove with the world of glamour and politics? The same pen that should be exposing the darkest secrets sings praises about those who may be indulging in wrongdoings! But for what? To gain prominence in all important circles and use this power to make or break a personality or an institution!

With a powerful nexus of corporate world, glamour industry, politics and media, there is an 'utthaan' of an individual! But what happens to the 'utthaan' of the country? The same youth that could be the backbone of the country has instead worried more about its personal gains and benefits!

Would Prashant Bharati [Priyanshu Chatterjee] also turn out to be one of them?

A young man who had an ideology of his own and wanted to use the might of his standing in the media circles wanted to run an expose on those who were corrupting politics and media! He had the knowledge and the position to drive home a point because of his earlier stint as a student union President in his college days. Now after being affiliated with a media house, he just needed the right means to reach his goals!

He found his means in a career woman named Kiran Talreja [Neha Dhupia] who too came with strong ambitions. Just like Prashant wanted to be on the top in the world of media, Kiran too was an established model who wanted to scale the heights of success.

Two young people. Similar ambitions. A common goal.

And now they were willing to let go of all what they had learned in their younger days. Because for them the only means to 'utthaan' was to stop worrying about the implications and look at their final destination.

Prashant believed that Kiran could be the one who could help him reach gain the kind of success he was looking for! But does Kiran too have something similar in mind? Because soon comes a juncture in their lives when they forget all about ethics and principals and only worry about their own self.

Such self centered the two become that a relationship that promised to surpass friendship was now threatening to take their lives!

Is that an idea of 'utthaan' THEY had in mind? Is that an idea of 'utthaan' that YOU have in mind?

Also starring character actors like Preeti Puri, Anang Desai, Anjan Srivastava, Avt