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Va Quarter Cutting Music Review

Va Quarter Cutting Music Review
Y Not Productions
Shiva, SPB Charan, Lekha Washington, Kalyan, Abhinaya Shree
Puskhar Gayathri
G V Prakash
Va Quarter Cutting
Full Fun!
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 9, 2010 • தமிழ்] Comments

The makers of `Oram Po', Pushkar and Gayathri, come out with `Va Quarter Cutting'; in fact the same team of the former is retained for the new movie! GV Prakash who composed a lovely album in `Oram Po' has come out with a refreshing set of tracks in 'Va...'! The movie's theme seems to be unique and GV has complimented it with his music! He has sung songs himself in this album!

The highlight of `Va Quarter Cutting' Album is the inclusion of the dialogues from the movie- a gesture of creativity by the makers! The dialogues are placed before every song and give the listener an idea about what follows.

1. Unnai Kan Thedhudhe - Listen here

Singers: GV. Prakash, Gana Ulaganathan

Lyricist: Kumararaja

The first song's theme is about the desperateness to drink and Shiva explains the need to satisfy one's urge! And that's drinking a quarter bottle of alcohol. You can't categorise this song as a peppy number or a melody to the least. This is a funny song of drunkards who sing after their extra dosage!

Instruments are used minimally and GV sings this himself along with Gana Ulaganathan. As the movie itself is an epitome of out-of-the box creativity, this song adds to the `something different' list. The tempo is slow and sounds like a talk between two people! Digital mixing of the song is quite impressive and GV finishes it with a burp! Listen to it, you'll have fun!

2. Thediyae Thediyae - Listen here

Singer: Andrea Jeremiah

Lyricist: Kumararaja

The monologue before the first song suggests about a frustrated mother. The daughter (guess that to be Lekha) seems to be from a Hindi speaking family and her mother can't just stop yelling at her daughter.

So here goes the song, in the vocals of Andrea Jeremiah, the lady with a scintillating voice. The song starts with a bang of a chorus, giving it the classic western touch! GV composes the song with touch of piano and Andrea does the rest with her magical voice. As soon as the primary verses are done, the tempo increases to a higher note!

The song talks about a school girl's mind! Listen for the slow harmony and just fall in love with Andrea's voice!

3. Saudi Basha - Listen here

Singers: GV. Prakash, Bhargavi

Lyricist: Shiva, R. Amarendran

`Saudi Basha' song seems to come up at a time where Sura, (Shiva's name in the movie), is going to be conned by someone. Our guesses would be right, when we watch the movie! But first let's get with this funny song that's written by Siva himself along with Amarendran!

As the song's lyrics go, it's about Saudi Arabia, and GV blends a peppy fast number with Arabic tunes. The hero must be in his own dreams, talking about all the good things and fortunes he will encounter after he arrives in Saudi. GV sings the song with aplomb along with Bhargavi, giving you an insight of how the video could be. The icing on the cake for the song is the funny lyrics that might make you giggle.

Music Instruments are galore with folk beats! You'll end up humming and singing one particular line in this song! Listen up!

4. Saarpu Saarpu Ji - Listen here

Singers: GV. Prakash, Lakshmikanth

Lyricist: Kumararaja

Shiva and SPB Charan seem to agree to come up with something!

Lyrics are funny and they are the highlight! And coming to music, GV seems to be inspired from a song from a Hindi flick `Dev D' but he doesn't copy it outright, he does his modifications to avoid the obvious!

To make the lyrics receive importance, GV uses minimal instruments like the beats and uses the trumpet along with usual mixes in the fillers. Quite a funny song! GV's voice sounds pretty much like Siva and Lakshmikanth sings well too.a peppy song that will fall under the fun category! All depends on how this funny song is shot.

5. The Quarter Song: Clubmix - Listen here

Singers: GV. Prakash, Gana Ulaganathan, Remix: DJ Vijay Chawla

Lyricist: Kumararaja

This is the remix of the first song! The first song ended with a drunk's burp and this song starts with that!

An absolute club mix, with `Quarter' receiving prominence! Could be the title/credits track! The mix is great with synthesized beats! Looks like DJ Vijay Chawla is behind this! The essence of the song is retained with the vocals! Listen to it and start tapping your foot!

Fun Album this.

This is a completely fun album! Kumararaja's lyrics might end up with huge appreciation after the movie releases and the album picks up! The promos of the movie talk about what the movie might hold, the music album adds to the curiosity. Grab a copy, you might enjoy it when you are in your room or on a drive in your car!