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Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 3, 2016 • Tamil ]
Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran Review
Fox Star Studios
Vishnu Vishal, Nikki Galrani, Soori
Vishnu Vishal, Rajan Natraj, Ezhil
C. Sathya
Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran

Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran

Actor Vishnu Vishal known for taking up different genres of films has teamed up with director Ezhil, whose recent films have been minimum guarantee of entertainment for the audience and return of investment for the producer. The duo has also jointly produced the film and their confidence in the script is sure going to pay off phenomenally well. ‘Velainu Vandhutta Vellaiaaran’ has come out as a laugh riot that entertains the audience from title card to end credits (literally).

Murugan (Vishnu Vishal) is the loyal assistant of the local MLA Jacket Janakiraman (Robo Shankar) who is close to the senior minister of his party. The minister dies after revealing the secret place where he has stored his ill-gotten wealth, to Janakiraman.  On the same day Janakiraman meets with an accident and stars behaving like a ten year old after being in unconscious state for some days.

Janakiraman regaining his mental stability is vital many reasons. The minister’s greedy brother-in-law (Ravi Maria) chases him to know the place where the minister has stored his wealth. Murugan wants the MLA’s testimony to prove to his lover Archana (Nikki Galrani), that he has not cheated her. Murugan’s friend (Soori) cannot marry the girl he loves without the help of the MLA.

How the problems of Murugan and his friend are solved with the help of the MLA and who gets the minister’s wealth? These have been detailed hilariously in the rest of the film.
Hats off and thumbs up to director Ezhil, his team of writers and the bandwagon of comedy artists. It has been a long time a film has made this many laughter moments.

Director Ezhil’s recent films ‘Manam Kothi Paravai’, ‘Desinguraja’ and ‘Vellaikaara Durai’ have had comedy as their main ingredient. ‘Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran’ was marketed as a comedy entertainer right from the word go and even we expected it to be on the lines of the director’s recent films. But ‘VVV’ is a huge surprise. As far as comedy and entertainment is concerned the film has exceeded the expectations. This is easily the best of the director in this genre. Not only for its comic sequences but also for being a film that does not breed boredom or make the audience feel the length at any point.

Each of the actors who have been cast for the purpose of comedy in the film has given one of their career best performances. Soori steals the show with his hilarious expressions and dialogues when he is called as ‘Pushpa Purushan’ by everyone for having accidentally married a well known ‘record dancer’. If his comic performance in ‘Marudhu’ was okay and in ‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ was good, this should be called as simply superb.

The same goes to Robo Shankar and Ravi Maria. Every combination scene between these two actors in the second half are nothing short of a laughathon.  Especially the sequence in which Robo narrates the same story again and again and Ravi loses his energy levels due to repeated listening of the same story will make you ROFL.  Soori is also present in this sequence giving laugh worthy counters. The two actors who appear as Ravi Maria’s accomplices Anada Abhishek and Peepa Pradeep, have also been utilized well to make us laugh.

Vishnu Vishal has understood the needs of the script and underplayed his role giving more space for the comedy actors to dominate. He has succeeded in making his role likeable. Nikki Galrani gets to perform stunt sequences as she is a police aspirant and she looks fit as a young police officer. She also adds to the much needed glamour in songs. The voice synchronization with the dubbing artist is the only botheration.

Reshma Pasupuleti as the notorious Pushpa ensures she looks glamorous even while wearing saree and dubbing has not matched well for her also. ‘Aadukalam’Naren gets an interesting comic villain character and it is refreshing to see him enact such a role. Motta Rajendran who appears as the guru of ghosts in the pre-climax and climax sequences manages to raise a few guffaws.

C.Sathya’s songs and re-recording pass muster. A couple of songs especially the last one could have been done away with to make the film crisper. Shakthi’s cinematography and Ananda Lingakumar’s Editing are adequate and supplement the film well.

The story of the film would not pass the tests of logic. There is nothing new script wise. The script has too many convenient turn of events. The film does not possess any technical brilliance. Even it is hard to decide whether the story happens in Chennai or some other city or town of Tamil Nadu. The comedy is almost entirely slapstick and does not give fodder to your intellect. In short this is not a film to satisfy your taste buds for story telling art, filmmaking technique or the sense of aesthetics.

But are these the ones we usually expect in this kind of a film? Anyone who enters the movie hall will not leave without getting entertained. Isn’t this the makers had promised and isn’t that enough?

These apart, even within the framework of entertainment there are a few problems. Some comic dialogues are double entendres and this does injustice to the U certificate granted for the film. Also the depiction of the Pushpa character may be a slight turn off for family audiences and feminists.

Verdict- An out and out laugh riot that entertains from start to end.

Rating: 3.50 / 5.0

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