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Vidyarthi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 3, 2007 • Telugu ]
Vidyarthi Review
Udbhava Ganapathi Productions
Tarun Kishore, Nikitha, Avinash, Thara, Sharan, Bullet Prakash, Thulasi Shivamani, Ramesh Bhat

Debutant director Nagachandra has the ideas but he has not made the film to fit it to the present scenario. As a student (Vidyarthi) he has not prepared well for the examination and his combined study has not worked out well. He needed the assistance of seniors to reshape his ideas.

Like in innumerable films the protagonist is poor. His mother is ailing still doing tailoring here in this movie. At the cost of her life she gives education and dreams of his son becoming IAS officer. Here in this 'Vidyarthi' Soorya falls in love with Sahana. He is left in lurch by Sahana on some compulsion. At this time Soorya correct himself from further danger for his mother's dream. Soorya left in the lurch for his studies is helped by Sahana indirectly. This is at a time when Soorya loses his mother because of brain tumor. When it is time for marriage of Sahana by compulsion it is Soorya who comes with student power. As expected he gets hold of IAS position and his dream girl Sahana.

Tarun Kishore son of veteran villain of Kannada cinema Sudheer has worked hard but his physique and lack of expression is disgusting. Nikitha makes a convincing debut. She looks good but has to modify a lot for her future career in films. Sharan and Bullet Prakash comedy is not in good taste.

RP's two tunes are OK rest is bad. PKH Das seems to have given the job of camera to his assistants. His usual splendor is missing.

Look out for better entertainment.

Scoring 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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