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'What's a Sexy Expression, I am Confused...': Anushka
Thursday, November 21, 2013 • Telugu Comments

'I never listen to the narration from a director to check what’s there for me in it. I listen to it like a kid and if it triggers me then I am in. If I look at what Anushka has in it, the film wouldn’t work’ said Anushka in an exclusive chat with IndiaGlitz on the eve of her biggest film yet ‘Varna’ aka ‘Irandaam Ulagam’ which is releasing on the 22nd November across the world. The serene beauty is candid in her detailing the experience of doing the film ‘Varna’ and the awe in her eyes was not missed when she spoke about the accomplished director Selva Raghavan.

First Love Story In My Career

'I am doing a love story for the first time in my career and I enjoyed it to the hilt. The character, both the dimensions has a solid weight but I didn’t feel a burden at no point in time’

Pure Love Story

Echoing the director’s words, Anushka said ‘This is a pure love story between people from two parallel worlds. Never seen before story, never experienced before visual and sound magnificence.

Arya Is Quite Athletic

'Arya is a wonderful co-artiste and it only helped that he has an athletic body and the on screen chemistry will be a treat to watch both in action and romantic sequences’

I Like Being Challenged

‘I never mug up the lines or lyrics while shooting a song. I understand them, learn them from AD, director or anyone who is competent. Try to give the best to the camera till I am challenged and then I work harder…’

I Don’t think Of Height

‘I never think of my height and comparison with my co-star’s height while choosing a project. There are rumors about my being six feet tall but that’s wrong, I am only 5’6” in height’

What’s In A Sexy Expression

I am generally asked to give a ‘sexy expression’ while doing songs or some romantic scenes. While growing up as a girl, I never knew what it is. Not just me, any girl from your household doesn’t know about it, I bet. So when I am asked to give one, it confuses me but I learnt to manage with a stock expression.

Unlearning Experience

‘Working with Raghavan is a wonderful ‘unlearning’ experience. In the sense that over the years and the stereotyped roles I played in films, I grew up giving the from the library of expressions I built. It’s like cheating yourself and it went well till date. But not with director Raghavan. He stops you, helps you format yourself to new stock, new expressions and that’s how you reinvent yourself and evolve’

Come With An Open Mind, You Will be Surprised

‘The biggest problem with our cinema in general is that we compare. When we said it’s a sci-fi genre and about two worlds, they started comparing it with ‘Avatar’. Good to have benchmarks but these expectations would only disappoint you when you come with a closed mind. So, I request the audiences to come watch the film with an open mind and enjoy the saga. I assure you, you will be thoroughly entertained’