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Why should I apologize to my Telangana?: Pawan
Friday, March 14, 2014 • Telugu Comments

While launching his party, Pawan Kalyan said that he can’t be expected to apologize to Telanganites.  “Why should I apologize to my own Telangana people?” he emotionally asked.

He quoted TRS leader Kavitha’s statement and said that he learnt about Kavitha’s demand by reading today’s newspaper.

He said that he has always felt sad about being referred to as “Andha vadu”.  He shared two anecdotes from his life when certain people distanced themselves from him on the basis of regional identity.

I quarrelled with Trivikram:

Contrary to what may have been anticipating, Trivikram Srinivas may not play any role in the newly-floated party of Pawan Kalyan.

“ I have not talked about my political entry even with my family members.

Pawan laces his speech with anecdotes:

Pawan Kalyan, true to his style, laced his lengthy speech with anecdotes.  When he was seated in his office before the launch of PRP, he said, an old man lashed him out angrily by referring to him as a looter from Andhra region.

“I am not here to make a provocative speech.  When the old man issued barbs against me, I was silent because I knew that he had nothing personal against me.  Such anger was manifestation of the anger at decades-old neglect of the Telangana region,” he said.

Pawan imbues his speech in literary ink:

Pawan Kalyan imbued his lengthy speech in literary ink.  Invoking the names of Potana, Sri Sri, balladeer Gaddar, etc, he said that they can’t be compared.

He loudly sang a song written by Gaddar and recounted an incident from his past.  “I danced to his songs among the audience decades ago,” he said.