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Woh Lamhe Preview

Woh Lamhe Peview
Vishesh Films
Shaad Randhawa, Kangna Ranaut, Shiny Ahuja
Mohit Suri
Mukesh Bhatt

Woh Lamhe

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Remakes, sequels and now a biography - no wonder Bollywood is going through one of the best phases ever this year. With different genres of films working at the box office, one keenly looks forward to Vishesh Films' 'Woh Lamhe' that is directed by Mohit Suri, the man behind 'Zeher' and 'Kalyug'. The young director has been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing alive the moments shared between Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi. The film has gone through number of title changes starting from 'Actress' to 'Awarapan' that has finally settled as 'Woh Lamhe'.

As expected, 'Woh Lamhe' primarily revolves around two characters Sana Azim [Kangana Ranaut, who made a smashing debut in 'Gangster'] and Aditya [Shiney Ahuja, whose 'Gangster' was a worthy follow-up to 'Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi']. Just like most of Bhatt films, 'Woh Lamhe' too comes straight to the point as it begins with a suicide. The incident creates sensation in Mumbai as the news reaches all around that a woman has slashed her wrists in a hotel room.

She is none other than famous Bollywood actress Sana Azim!

The person who is shocked most on hearing this unfortunate incident is a man whose world has always revolved around Sana.

He is none other than film maker Aditya Garewal!

Who were these two individuals? How were the two known to each other? What was it that made Aditya feel miserable on seeing Sana dying in front of him in an ICU, in spite of the fact that he hadn't see in her in last 3 years?

'Woh Lamhe' leads the viewer on this poignant journey seen through Aditya's eyes! The eyes that had last seen Sana 3 years back when she had mysteriously disappeared! Disappeared, without anyone knowing about it at all, not even Aditya with whom she was into a relationship!

Much before Sana disappeared, she and Aditya were a couple. For Aditya, Sana was not just a lover. She was a mentor who held her hands and guided his way during his days of struggle to make it big in Bollywood. It was just the two of them and no one else in this blissful journey that looked like a bed of roses covered by a moonlit night!

Except for the fact that there was a dark cloud looming large over their lives. Something that they realized had a presence in their life only too late.

But Aditya being a true lover, he resolved that he had to defeat any adversity that comes in the way of Sana's happiness. The solution wasn't going to be easy but an attempt had to be made. And the only way out was to leave the world of dreams - BOLLYWOOD. Bollywood that had given them all, but now threatened to take away everything from them, especially from Sana who was at the brink of destruction.

It was not an easy move to make, especially since Aditya's career seemed to be coming to an end prematurely. But he was willing to take the risk. Because the risk was worth it, especially in the wake of Sana's life! The two did run away and had some beautiful moments together.

But wasn't each such 'lamha' only short-lived?

Moments of bliss later, Sana suddenly disappeared! No intimation, no cause, no reason!

Puzzled, Aditya didn't know what hit him since all this while he had all the reasons to believe that life seemed to be getting back on track for the two. And now he was forced to live a life with unanswered questions that could have been answered by only one person! Sana!

And Sana did come back in his life, albeit in a state when she was hardly in a position to answer his question. She was now lying in front of him in an ICU, when all he could do was wait...and pray! Pray that he could be reunited with his beloved. And ask her all the unanswered questions that had been troubling him since all these ye