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Yakshi - Faithfully Yours Review

Yakshi - Faithfully Yours Review
Avanthikka Mohan,Parvathy Nair, Deepak Venugopal, Faizal, Akhil Devan, Manoj Madhusoodanan, Likhiya Jamal, Shivakumar, Vishnu manohar with cameos from Ambika, Devan
Abhiram Suresh Unnithan
Madhusoodhanan Mavelikkara
Aravind Chandrasekhar
Yakshi Faithfully Yours

Yakshi - Faithfully Yours

IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, December 18, 2012 • Malayalam] Comments


'Yakshy .faithfully yours' is an attempt of a bunch of youngsters to land into filmdom. They have zeroed upon the much-discussed myth of `Yakshy' from `Aithihyamala'. Abhiram Suresh Unnithan, the son of the famous director   Suresh Unnithan is at the helm of this endeavor, which but sadly ends up as an sloppy, lackluster affair with plenty of pitfalls. With nothing interesting in terms of content and presentation and documentary like look at times, this  `Yakshy..faithfully Yours' is sure to be out of sight in a few days.

This intended fantasy-romance flick `Yakshy' has four friends -Viswam, Kishore, Shreya and Jithu who are in the plans to produce a documentary. Viswam has a dairy of his grand father Vishnu Bhattathiri, who has written more about his love affair with a fiery but beautiful `Yakshy, who was threatening the region, reputed to waylay men with their beauty and drink their blood. '.  As the narratives goes forth and back between past and the present, the foursome gets down to the old dilapidated mansion in a rustic village, to know more the myth and to document their travel.   The movie follows the lethal fight between the endearing Yakshy and the four friends.

There are a lot of problems in the movie, with much of its departments lacking greatly to make a sensible movie. The scripts are bland and slipshod while the direction also never shows any promise without making a palpable effort to save the flick.   The actors including the lead players like Ved,Faisal, Sivakumar , Akhil, Avanthika or Paravathy  look lost amidst the turmoil. The movie, which ends in just 85 minutes, hardly has anything to get you interested. Apart from some appreciable BGtracks and songs by Aravind Chandrasekhar, and average cinematography by Jemin Jom Ayyaneth, good at times, there is very limited use of  VFX  in the movie, which itself don't look inviting.

With no sincere or quality story, screenplay and below par direction `this Yakshy; may not remain a faithful stuff for any genres of films or their viewers .Don't even try to have a look.





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