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Yenni Thuniga Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, August 9, 2022 • தமிழ் ]
Yenni Thuniga Review
Rain Of Arrows Entertainment
S.K.Vettri Selvan
Suresh Subramanian
Sam CS

Yenni Thuniga - Banks on one major twist

Action films have their own fan following who also dont demand much as long as they are engaging or entertaining.  Jai's latest outing 'Yenni Thuniga' is one such attempt but whether it will satisfy its target remains to be seen.

A masked gang robs a jewelry shop in Chennai belonging to a minister Neethi (Sunil Reddy) and innocent customers are shot dead.   One woman is held as hostage till the gang escapes in a van and they dispose her off in the highway after shooting her too.  However the girl escapes death and the minister and the cops are eagerly waiting for her to resume consciousness so as to get a clue about the gang.   Kathir (Jai)  the hero of the film loses a loved one in the robbery and he takes it upon himself to find the killers and take revenge on them.  How he does it with only courage by his side is what 'Yenni Thuniga' is all about.

Jai as usual has gone about playing his character sincerely and he is especially good in the romance scenes and the fights.  Athulya Ravi as Nandana the girlfriend of Jai has also done a neat job while Anjali Nair as the wife of one of the victims is adequate.  Vamshi Krishna plays a typical villain's role without any fuss while Vidya Pradeep gives him company in the villainy.  Sunil Reddy as the minister is funny and menacing at the same time. 

There is one effective twist before the interval when the unconscious girl is revealed.  The rest of the twists including the villains double crossing each other are all the usual fare.  The love portions between Jai and Athulya evoke some interest initially when the former tries to woo the latter whom he rejected in college.  Compared to the first half the second has some good action and the tempo is better.

On the flip side the film begins, rather interestingly in the USA where a few villains are searching for rare diamonds which they find is in Chennai.  The action then shifts to Chennai but after that the USA villain never does anything to justify his presence in the screenplay.  Romantic songs are placed at awkward moments pulling down the already careening screenplay.  There is no depth in anyone's character and all their motives are questionable and therefore one finds it difficult to follow anyone.

Sam CS can not help but provide some functional background score what with so many buildup shots for the hero and the villain.  The other technical aspects are okayish.  Rain of Arrows has provided good production value to the project having shot in the USA and Chennai.   Writer director S.K. Vettriselvan has come up with an idea that has all the scope to turn out into an interesting action thriller but his haphazard writing and execution have made it average.

Verdict : Go for this one if you are a fan of Jai and like some action

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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