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Yevam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 14, 2024 • Tamil ]
Yevam Review
Chandini Chowdary, Vasishta N Simha, Jai Bharat Raj, Ashu Reddy Goparaju Ramana
Prakash Dantuluri

Yevam Movie Review

Yevam story revolves around a female police officer who braves all odds to prove that women can do anything and one shouldn't confine women to the house. Her journey in solving a case and how she overcomes all obstacles from the rest of the narration.


Soumya (Chandini Chowdhary), a determined young woman, finally fulfills her dream of becoming an ASI and gets posted in a small town in Vikarabad.  Her excitement is amplified by the fact that she's assigned to work under her idol, SI Abhiram (Jai Bharat Raj).  However, her hopes are quickly dashed when she's relegated to the mundane tasks of the files section.

Yevam Movie Review

Meanwhile, the station is flooded with complaints from women who have fallen victim to a casting scam.  They claim to have been lured with promises of roles in films featuring Jr. NTR and Prabhas by a mysterious figure named Yugandhar (Vasishta N Simha).  As Soumya and her colleagues investigate, the situation takes a sinister turn with the discovery of multiple murders of young girls, adding a chilling layer to the case.

The film explores Soumya's journey to unravel the truth behind the scam and the murders, navigating bureaucratic hurdles and societal biases.  The story also delves into the complex relationships she has with her father (Devi Prasad) and fellow officer Harika (Ashu Reddy), who play crucial roles in her personal and professional life.  Yevam promises a thrilling ride, combining suspense, drama, and a compelling female protagonist fighting for justice.


Chandini Chowdhary's commitment to Yevam is evident in her performance.  She embodies the role of the ASI, showcasing her talent within the limitations of the script.  However, the character's passive and submissive portrayal undercuts her potential.  Chowdhary delivers emotion and expression effectively, but the character's arc fails to truly shine.

Yevam Movie Review

Jai Bharat Raj as Chandini's superior delivers a passable performance but lacks depth.  His character's experience and knowledge are undermined by constantly following Chandini's lead,  creating an unrealistic dynamic within the investigation team.

Vasishata N Simha's antagonist, though bizarrely costumed, doesn't make a lasting impression.  Devi Prasad and Ashu Reddy are sadly relegated to inconsequential roles.

Director Prakash Dantuluri's intention of highlighting women's achievements is laudable. However, the execution falls short.  The film's lack of a compelling story, a gripping screenplay, and a strong directorial vision leads to an amateurish feel, particularly in the police station scenes and the investigation process.

The film's focus on the personal problems of the lead pair overshadows the core investigation, leaving the audience wanting a more impactful portrayal of their detective work.  The slow pace and unnecessary scenes further contribute to the film's underwhelming final product.

Yevam Movie Review

While the production values are decent, the film's music, by Neelesh Mandalapu and Keerana Sesh, fails to create a memorable impact.  The background score also disappoints. Vishweshwar's cinematography is adequate, but Srujana Adusumilli's editing could have been sharper, removing the drags that slow the narrative.

Yevam ultimately falls short of its potential.  While the cast demonstrates some talent, the weak script, uninspired direction, and lack of focus on the central investigation detract from the film's overall experience.


Despite Chandini Chowdhary's dedicated performance, Yevam ultimately falls short of its potential. Director Prakash Dantuluri's failure to craft a compelling character arc for Chowdhary's character and a weak storyline hampered the film's overall impact.  While Chowdhary's efforts are evident, the lackluster script ultimately undermines the film's ability to deliver a truly engaging and memorable experience for the audience.

Rating: 1 / 5.0

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