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1 By Two Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, April 28, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
1 By Two Review
Murali Gopy, Fahad Fazil, Honey Rose, Abhinaya, Shruthi Ramakrishnan, Shyamaprasad, Azhagan Perumal, Fathima Babu, Nedumudi Venu, Ashvin Matthew, Balaji
Arun Kumar Aravind


Arun Kumar Aravind's 'One by Two' is a bold attempt on a psychological thriller  which but fails to meet the expectations.

One by two has an interesting plot that but looses its steam by mid way.Hari Narayanan and Ravi Narayanan are the twin brothers with a mysterious bond between them (yeah, the obsession about identical twins). Ravi is heavily dependent on Hari and looks up at him as a protector. Their birth bond is so strong that in the event of something bad is happening to one of them, the other becomes spontaneously aware of it. Their father, a business tycoon tries to break this dependency which is more visible on Ravi and sends him away to study.  We are introduced to these twins at the very first of the movie. Hari is a soft spoken and disciplined gentle man who grows into a reputed cardiac surgeon. Ravi on the other hand is macho man who likes glamour and glitter of life and is an architect.

What complicates the plot is a fatal car accident that happens to Hari while on way to a major operation. Yusuf Marikar (Fahad Fassil) who is a crime branch C I happens to see this accident site with one person (Hari) dead in the driver's seat. Later he sees Ravi in hospital with only a hand fracture. This arouses his interest to investigate the crime. Fahad's character is an ill-conceived one. The makers have failed to use this remarkable actor in their movie, in the course of time, we see that the officer himself is a victim of child hood trauma and suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.

The start of the film is well maneuvered with a tempo that brings the viewers to the edge of their seat. The story gains momentum with each passing scene, giving much expectation to the viewers. But by interval, the viewer is uneasy in their seats, shifting weight trying to not doze off. The makers have tried to put some complex knots in the story thread and in the course of time, they accidently tied their hands too! Every now and then, we are shown a scene not in continuity of the sequence. They are intended to give the audience food for thought but it hardly does that purpose.

Murali Gopy drives the movie. His skill as an actor meets a near perfection in this film. The double role gives him ample opportunities to put his acting prowess into full swing. The roles of Hari, the calm and gentle introvert, and Ravi, the chivalrous extrovert forms the back bone of the movie. Towards the climax we can witness one of the most superbly done Spilt personalities in the big screen. The dialogues and expressions that ooze from this fine actor ushers the viewer into the mysteries of a psychological complexities.

Fahad Fassil, playing the role of a police officer of the Karnataka Crime Branch has done his share well, but the plot in the very beginning lets loose relevance of this character out in the open. The officer has not much role unraveling the the mysteries, save for `tracking some phone calls and a call list'. Throughout the movie, Yusuf is seen as a tense man. The script slips pathetically when an unnecessary tragedy which does not have any significance to the story is squeezed into the sequence.

Honey rose is the confused damsel in the movie . She plays the role of Dr. Prema, one enchanted by Dr. Hari. She is always in a perplexed, `where - am - I' state of mind! Say that you are the `tooth fairy' and she might actually believe it! But that doesn't mean she did her role poorly. It was in fact well done.

The shrink, Dr. Cheriyan is superbly handled by Shyamaprasad. The role bears the testimony that he is also a skilled actor. Also applauds must go for Ashwin Mathew in that convincing role.

The BGM by Gopi Sunder is good, a slow rising tempo which could have been excellent with the right script. Speaking of the script, it was a mockery of the genre of psychological thrillers. The way seems, we can assume that Jeyamohan, the script writer, couldn't actually pull the right rabbit out the hat. Jomon's frames were mediocre.  The director Arun Kumar Aravind should be a bit more careful next time.

Rating 6/10 



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