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100 Degree Celsius Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, October 13, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
100 Degree Celsius Review
Sethu, Bhama, Ananya, Meghana Raj, Haritha
Rakesh Gopan
Royson Vellara
Gopi Sunder

100 degree Celsius,Rakesh Gopan ,Shwetha Menon,Bhama ,Meghna Raj,Ananya

After a long time waiting in the cans for a proper release, '100 degrees Celsius' from debutante director Rakesh Gopan is finally out to theatres. A well made  watchable suspense thriller, the performance by the lead players and the technical sides are fine for the mood and tempo of the finely made thriller.

The movie has Nila (Shwetha Menon), Nancy (Bhama), Revathy (Meghna Raj) and Ganga (Ananya) staying together in an apartment in Kochi. Nila, is in turmoil as she is deserted by her husband Balu (Anil Murali), who doesn’t feel fascinated to his wife any longer. Meanwhile Nancy, is a bank employee whose original name was Bhavya. After getting rechristened to Nancy, her husband is working in US, but the lady still hasn’t gain acceptance in her husband’s household.

Revathy,is a popular TV journo  who was in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend, whom she battered badly  and got out of the relationship following some grave issues. Ganga is a happiest of the foursome as she is a college student. Into their life which doesn’t have much to be highlighted arrives  Lovely (Haritha Parokod), who is Revathy’s friend. She has come with her husband, to visit Revathy and her friends. The friends persuade them to stay over in the apartment to be a part of  Ganga’s birthday celebrations, which they happily abide. But the night happens to be one that can change all of their lives, once and for ever.

The highlight of the movie is that the suspense factor is carefully worked out which makes you feels sit glued to your seat. Don’t ask anyone to reveal this element which could spoil the fun of the entire plot. The script by the director Rakesh Gopan is engaging while Vinu Abraham’s  dialogues, keep up the tempo.

With every technical side including the BGs’ by Gopi Sundar and camera by Sathya narayan Suriyan consistently aiding the director to pack the tings fine ‘100 degree Celsius’ definitely live up to its name in creating a heat that is engaging.Don Max after a long time also makes an impact with his editing skills.

Of the five ladies, Meghna Raj comes up with the best performance taking the cake, while  Ananya too competes with her to emerge the better.  Bhama and Shwetha Menon are convincing in their roles. Sethu of Mynaa fame delivers a first-rate performance. Haritha Parokod, who makes her debut in Malayalam, perfectly matches up the demands of the character she is in.Ganesh, Baiju and rest of the cast are good.

With all other factors appealing, this '100 degree Celsius' can be prescribed for  an onetime watch, especially for the lovers of adrenaline raising thriller films.

Rating -6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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