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1000 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, February 17, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
1000 Review
Ganesh Kuma,Bharath, Leema
A. R. C. Nair
Nishi Govind
Rajesh Mohan


A few years ago Times of India has initiated a campaign which had a short video about the travels of a 100 rupee note. Visibly inspired from the concept is the latest movie '1000 - Oru Note Paranja Katha', by M R C Nair, which is half good as the short video. Though the concept seems intriguing, it hardly has the elemets that keep you going with the narrative .

The movie features  Bharath as Jikku Mon, an autistic youngster. He is sent to the ATM by his father with the PIN number of the card  written on a 1000 rupee currency note. The note which gets blown away from Jikku Mon's hands starts a journey of its own where it goes on a full round finally reaching the real owner, around which the whole tales of many are told. People appear and disappear at random as the note travels from honest, deserving hands to tainted ones. In the list of few who posses it for some moments are  a woman before being thrown out of the car, to a gypsy girl and her mother , a cop, a henchman (Maqbool Salman),a priest, and a minister to name a few.

Though the movie ends up its journey in a matter of 90 minutes, it is disastrous to sit through as very few stories narrated has the capability to hold your interest. The tales are awfully written to end up in a very shoddy climax where the director decides to pack all the men on the fray  to a bus set to travel to Karnataka. The dialogue sides are too insensible for a movie that has taken on to this experimental mode and this also makes it lacking in credibility.

The acting side is really terrible with much of the actors roaming around without any real purpose. Even an actor like Bharath couldn't pass off his shoddily written role of a youth with disability with success.  Shammi Thilakan's police act does elicit some laughter, before which it turns monotonous. The technical sides are 'so- so' adding to the dilemma of the narratives.

In the final say '1000 - Oru Note Paranja Katha', is a pathetic fare from an interesting one line. The movie may not prove that rewarding  even for a lover of experimental stuffs.

Rating - 3.5/10.



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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