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24 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 6, 2016 • Malayalam ]
24 Review
2D Entertainment
Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen, Naresh Aj
Vikram K Kumar

When the big names like Suriya, A.R.Rahman and Vikram Kumar are associated with a film that is expected to fall under the sci-fi genre with a time travel concept, the expectations on ‘24’ reached sky high. The team behind this mega-budget flick was brimming with confidence as the teasers, trailers and making videos succeeded in creating a unanimous feel that the film is definitely going to be big and unique. How far this is true? Check out the review.

 ‘24’ is the story of a watch, with which the owner can travel to the past and future and control the time. It is invented by Sethuraman (Suriya) a scientist and his twin brother, the dreadful Athreya wants to snatch it from him. Athreya’s quest to get the watch extends to the next generation (26 years in future) as he has to now get it from Mani (Suriya) the son of Sethuraman. What happens to the watch, how it changes the lives of the three characters in the course of its travel,  and who gets the watch ultimately is what ‘24’ is all about.

Before going into details it has to be said that ‘24’ is a film that gives a unique and highly gratifying experience with the time travel concept as its core Though the concept as such is not entirely new to Tamil audience (as the same concept was used in last year’s super hit film ‘Indru Netru Nalai’), this script is filled with a lot of suspense and thrills. This added with Suriya’s super brilliant performance in three different roles, A.R.Rahman’s apt music and the cinematographer Tirru’s visual treat, grand VFX and high quality production values makes ‘24’ a mindblowing  experience

Writer-Director Vikram Kumar wastes no time in starting the film. The story starts with the very first shot with crisp introduction of Sethuraman character his research and his small family. Within a few minutes, the dreadful Athreya character is introduced with its full menacing power. The first twenty minutes includes an intense sequence detailing about the main crux and a pulsating chase sequence.

Once the story moves to the future (the present from audience perspective), the film gathers scope for lighter moments. The way the time travel ability of the special watch is revealed to the lead character of the film as well as the audience is really out of the world. Vikram Kumar has used comedy and also added up romance to explain the time travel concept. A unique idea that has also worked out hilariously.

The pre-interval standoff between Athreya and Mani and the interval block is something to watch out for. A film like this cannot get a better interval block with huge level of suspense and shock. Post interval, bigger surprises wait in queue. It involves a maze of time and interchanging of characters. All narrated interestingly without confusing the audience. This also includes suspense, surprise and thrills in regular intervals. You will feel like the film goes on a path you would have predicted but the way the scene ends with a surprise twist will make you appreciate the script writer Vikram Kumar.

Mainly for Athreya character, ‘24’ is going to be a film that people are going to add to the list of films that make them identify Suriya as a great performer. Playing a negative character for the first time, he has done a fantastic job. He has brought the dreadfulness of a ruthless baddie with his unique voice, gestures and body language. He is at his usual best in the other two positive characters. Though it is not a very strong role for Samantha, she impresses with her charming looks and cute performance in the screen time she gets in the film. Her costumes and makeup make her look so young and ravishing. Her expressions are cute in the scenes were she is deceived by Suriya. Watch out for her performance in the scene with villain Athreya, Nithya Menen doesn't have big scope to perform but she does justice to the role offered to her with the limited screen time.  Saranya is as usual apt as a mother loaded with comedy and sentiment.

Rahman’s songs are pleasing to the ears and the way they have been shot in exotic foreign locales comes as a visual treat. Re-recording is apt in many scenes as the Oscar Nayagan knows where to play down and where to make us feel the presence of music.

 ‘24’ is a beautiful product of team work. Cinematographer Tirru’s visuals, Rahman’s apt music, art direction and VFX- all these intangible crew members have contributed equally to uplift the film. The Research lab set that includes a lot of precautionary facilities created by the scientist with some beautiful designs in it including a multi-purpose cradle for the kid. Speak volumes about the brilliant efforts of Art Director duo Amit and Subrato Rao.

On the flip side the film is slow paced in the first half. It is understandable that the film with a time travel concept would require same kind of scenes twice or thrice but that could have done in a manner that does not make us feel the repetitiveness. The sentiment and romance scenes have also not worked out so well while comedy is fairly good mainly due to Suriya’s uber cool performance and dialogue delivery as the watch mechanic Mani.

One could also not help feeling the need for more explanation on what would be the effect on the other people if a person travels with time back and forth. The film also has a lot of incidental turns that moves the story forward.

There are some flips in the technical side too. The house and street of Mani, the cricket ground etc are far from authentic. There are also some palpable CG errors. In the scene where Athreya punches Sethuraman we could easily identify that it has been done by CG. Even a family photo looks like a collage of different individual photos.

Verdict  'Suriya's performance, Rahman’s music, Vikram Kumar’s brilliant handling and narration of a story with time travel as its core and the superlative visual experience outdo the shortcomings of ‘24’. It is a must watch

Rating: 3.30 / 5.0


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