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5 superhits ,and 5 hits in 2008

Saturday, January 3, 2009 • Malayalam Comments

As  2008 has faded out into the oblivion , we now  have the final list from the  Mollywood Box Office about its share of hits and flops. Out of the 61 films that reached theatres in 2008, five turned out to be super hits while other five managed to become  hits .Only 4 other movies could bring in the capital spent on them while the  rest 48, were all losers at the  Mollywood Box Office.

The year which opened with dud's like ''Of the people'' and ''novel  '' had to wait till  the vishu season to deliver its first big hits in Sathyan Anthikkad;s  ''Innathe chinthavishayam'' and Anwar Rasheed's  ''Annan Thampi 'i..But the  biggest hit of the year was undoubtedly AMMA's ''Twenty:20'' which is raking in collections in millions, breaking  every box office records.The film released in 110 theatres featruing 72 big stars from the industry ,  got an extended run even to this  Christmas season  where no super star films was in the fray.

Closely following the hit list in position two  is Mammootty''s'' Annan thampi'' which had surprising initials in 2008.The movie opened the wide theatre  release patterns in the state ,harvesting the best of collections .The movie turned a profit in its three weeks run and collected many folds of  the capital . The movie that made the biggest run, in terms of days is Jayaram;s comeback movie ''Veruthe Oru bharya'' which is still in theatres even after 125 days.The movie is one of the biggest super hits of the year.

 Super star Mohanlal had a very good year in 2008 contributing three of the biggest hits-the other two being Madambi and Innathe ChintaVishayam.Both these movies managed to bring in twice the amount spend on them, as profits.

The other notable hits of the year includes Johny Antony;s ''cycle '' which came out in the very first month of 2008.The movie was a surprise hit which also introduced popular singer  Vineeth Sreenivasn to the acting front.

Dileep had a welcome hit in the last part of the year in '"Crazy Gopalan'' which has opened up well and in all chances ,will end up as a safer hit.

Shafi's Lollipop'' opened badly  but  picked up after an initial couple of days.The movie whose highlights are its big star cast will also end up as a profit maker .

Mamootty's ''Roudram'' had some great initial collections which helped the movie to be on the safer side ,though without a long run.The only small films in the hit list is Shaji-Shaiju's ''Shakesphere MA malayalam'' which collected enough in its 60 day run  to end up as a hit.

The other four  films that managed to become average earners include  Renjith's ''Thirakkatha'' , which was on the only big movie for the last onam..Mohanlal's Kurukshetra '' was one another film that opened with great initials but couldn't survive with the collections for long.''Kurukshetra'''s huge  budjet also made it an average earner in the end. Rajesh -faizal's ''Malabar wedding' and Sudheer-manu's ''Kabadi-kabadi '' also made the distributor safe with average collections.

The graph of 2008 is much better than that of 2007 as it could convert at least twenty percent of the total  released movies, to  the safer side.