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A AA E EE Music Review

A AA E EE Music Review
AVM Productions
Navdeep, Mounica, Prabhu, Manorama, Aravindakash, Saranya Mohan, V M C Haneefa, Livingston, Ganja Karuppu
Kumaran, Shanumugam
Vijay Antony
Catchy, convincing and clear
Thursday, November 20, 2008 • Tamil Comments

Expectations are sky-high on the music album of 'A AA E EE', for it has the 'Nakka Mukka' creator Vijay Anthony at the helm of affairs for AVM Kumaran's production venture.

With six catchy numbers, the music album comes as a delight for those who love a mix of racy and soft music. Vijay Anthony seems to have continued from where he left in 'Kadhalalil Vizhunthen'. Vijay Anthony's brilliant use of violins and an excellent harmony is the highlight of the album.

Director Sabapathy manages to extract the best from his music composers. The successful tunes in his previous ventures like 'VIP' and 'Punnagai Poovae' are evident to this fact. His rapport is quite good with Vijay Anthony that gave a catchy album.

With new lyricists like Eknath, Priyan and Annamalai penning the songs, Vijay Anthony has made it a mass show. It is an album for those who love foot tapping songs combined with melodies.

A Aa E EE - Rahul Nambiar, Dinesh

It is based on an Arabic melody. The energetic voice of Rahul Nambiar and Dinesh adds pep to this brisk number. Anthony has opted for a catchy chorus in the interlude coupled with high pitched chorus beats. Vijay Anthony's harmony in the number is impressive.

A good start to the album with the lyrics penned down by Priyan.

Dingi Tappu - Megha, Sheeba, Ramya, Vinaya Maya & Vijay Anthony

Vijay Anthony emerges as a clear winner in the song. Intelligent fusion of folk tune with a synthesized music, the song has everything in it to hit the charts. Sung by Megha, Sheeba, Ramya, Vinaya, Maya and Vijay Antony himself, this song has peppy beats combined with a graceful flute in the middle. The young team, which has come to render the number, oozes with energy all through. Lyrics has been written by Priyan.

Natta Nad - Sangeetha, Karthik & Christopher

A romantic melody inspired by the Carnatic raaga. Vijay Anthony has tried to prove a point here that he can come up with a song like a Ghana 'Nakka Mukka' and at the same time make songs based on the traditional Carnatic raga.

The song penned by Annamalai, sung by Sangeetha, Karthik and Christopher, has catchy flute and violin interlude which sticks to our hearts immediately. Sweet and irresistible to listen is this romantic melody.

Kanni Vedi - Vijay Anthony, Sangeetha

The song at its start itself depicts that it is filled with romance. It is a quite a lusty number. Set in a music that is sure to arouse the spirits of lovers, the song has sensuous lyrics by Eknath. Sangeetha is impressive with her seductive voice.

Vijay Anthony has allowed the lyrics penned by Eknath to dominate the music so as to ensure that the real purpose of the song is served.

Maina Minukki - Vijay Anthony, Suchitra, Suchitra Raman and Sangeetha

Written by Vijay Anthony himself, it is a typical Ghana song. Besides penning the lyrics and composing music, Vijay Anthony has sung the song. Vijay Anthony has sung in the company of Suchitra, Suchithra Rahman and Sangeetha. It is loaded the song with catchy beats.

Though certainly not on par with Nakka Mukka, the song does create an impact among the listeners. A typical one to make the foot tap as it has everything fast.

Tappo Tappo - Bakshi, Sulabha

Tappo tappo is an interesting number which again speaks a lot of romance. It is a sensuous number rendered well by Bakshi and Sulabha. The music is set on a perfect rhythm pattern with beats providing the right pep. Vijay Anthony seems to know the tastes and is good at holding the pulse of the audiences well. Annamalai penned the lyrics for the song.

Vijay Anthony has gone from strength to strength. If he has scaled peak in Kadhalil Vizhunthen, it is a similar show in A AA E EE. The album is interesting to listen with catchy music and peppy sounds.

Vijay Anthony's work is praiseworthy indeed.