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Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 7, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu Review
Jayasurya,Renji Panicker, Vinayakan, Saiju Kurup, Chemban Vinod, Indrans,Bhagath Manuel, Vijay Babu, Srinda Ashab, Honey Rose, SandraThomas
Midhun Manuel Thomas.
Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas
Shan Rehman tunes

Coming up from the scriptwriter of last year's super hit 'Om Shathi Osana'  is the new movie 'Aadu'...Also the debutante directorial offering from the young director, the movie may have been originated from the idea of  trying out a fun film from a very different premise and presentation. But the ineffective handling by the debutante director and a half baked, but complex script spoil the proceedings for the movie .

The movie opens with underworld don Hyderali who is currently bed ridden, asking one of his aides Jude(Vinayagan) to bring him a very special thing at any cost. 3000 kms from there we have Shaji Pappan(Jayasuriya) and his tug of war team winning a competition where they are offered with 22222 rupees and a female goat as the first prize. Shaji Pappan has never allowed any ladies to enter his van since his wife(Srinda) eloped with his driver(Aju Varghese) when he was bed ridden a few years ago.

But due to the compulsion of the members of the team, Lalan,Sachin Clettus,and Arukkan Abu, they takes the goat named Piky with them in the idea of eating it as mutton curry by the night. But with in hours they realise that not everything they thought of are going to happen as the goat escapes every threats on his life. Soon they are bombarded with issues ranging from a police officer Surbath Shameer(Vijay Babu) with a Dabbag' look to animal welfare activist Menake Menon( Sandra Thomas).

The movie which starts off well and announces it to be a brainless entertainer packed with plenty of black humour manages to keep going reasonably well in the first half. But the later half as usual, there are plenty of characters coming and going without any real purpose .Every character has got their noisy themes, some of which works but some  which adds to the irritation provided in the second half.The lead names like that of Shaji Pappan are well etched while some others like that played by the producers are half baked and doesn't entertain as expects.

The disrupted narratives in the second half also adds to the complexities of the movie that lessen its fun factor. Certain sequences like the shoot outs doesn't work well. Add to that, the attempts to create a satire of Idukky party secretary also fails  downright and affects the movie much.The hard work and multitude of ideas that has been played out in the background of the movie is eminently visible, but its doesn't make it an entertainer that is watchable in its entirety.

Much of the actors in the fray plays to their characters and impresses. Jayasuriya with his twisted new pattern of moustache and performances impresses as Shaji Pappan while his team mates played by Bhagath Manuel,and Saiju Kurup are excellent. Vinayagan in his stylish best has a rare role to cherish.But Dharmajan,Indrans, Sandra and many others doesn't make the impact they are expect to. The technical standards of the movie are quite high with impressive photography and frames by Vishnu Naryanan. Lijo Paul's editing is also fine.The BG scores by Shaan Rahman are fine at times, but all his character themes doesn't garner applauds .The art direction and other elements are also impressive.

In the final analysis, the director ad scriptwriter in Midhun Manuel Thomas who tried for a different narrative formula in 'Aadu' fails to do so and is at the receiving end of criticisms that follow. But the movie has its moments that will make you laugh your heart out. But they are few and far in between. Prescribed for those who looks for differently made entertainers.





Rating: 0 / 5.0

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