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Aashiq Banaya Aapne Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 3, 2005 • Hindi ]
Aashiq Banaya Aapne Review
Emran Hashmi, Tanushree Datta, Sonu Sood
Aditya Datt
Balabbhai Patel
Himmesh Reshammiya

Every time Tanushree Dutta gets a bout of hiccups in the movie, one senses some mystery behind that. Is it an illness? Is it some kind of a psychological problem? Or is there some mystery brewing behind each and every hiccup?

That's exactly the way how one may want to sum up a movie full of illogical events and proceedings that goes by the name of Aashiq Banaya Aapne - a ride full of hiccups. Just when one thinks that debutant director Aaditya Dutt may come up with some 'kahani mein twist' after an interesting sequence, there comes a jerk in the narration. While the first half still keeps you a little engaged, that too primarily in anticipation of a better second half, the remaining part of the movie fails to excite the viewer due to its predictability. Frankly, the little twist in the story would have been a USP for its makers, but audience could see it coming right through the middle of the movie.

The movie begins as any other teenage college flick. Karan [Sonu Sood] and Sneha [Tanushree Dutta] are studying in the college and are good friends. The only pillar of support for Sneha is Karan as her father [a bored looking Navin Nishchol] is busy minting. Well guys being guys, though Sneha maintains a "platonic" relationship with Karan, he is silently in love with her. Since he is an introvert, he develops cold feet when it comes to expressing his love for her.

Soon Karan's family friend Vicki [Emraan Hashmi] joins the same college where Karan and Sneha are studying. As was inevitable, sparks fly between Vicki and Sneha with Vicki sweeping her off the feat. Meanwhile Sneha's hiccups continue! Now that's trouble for Karan [not hiccups but Vicki's entry in Sneha's life!] as he is on his way to loose the very girl he had been trying to come close to for all these years!!

Knowing Vicki's reputation of coming dangerously close to feminine gender, Karan tries to distance him from Sneha but on constant persuasion by him, gives up. A couple of well choreographed songs and a little bout of hiccups later, it is well established that the romance between Vicky and Sneha is on solid ground. And yes, meanwhile Vicki bashes up a few goons who try to act smart with her at a traffic signal [yawn!], so Sneha is obviously flattered. Though she tends to forget that without Karan's intervention, Vicki would have been reduced to pulp in 30 seconds flat!

Well, Karan can't do nothing else but smile and wish them luck. It seems all well till a night changes lives of each of them as Vicky is caught with a woman on top. Vicky and Sneha separate, he gets arrested for some random drug trafficking that he has been involved in and deary papa [Navin Nishcol] makes a grand entry. After confessing that he couldn't give time to his daughter as he was engaged in his business [another yawn !], he advises her to get married and presto, the groom is right in front of her - Karan. Not lying low this time around, he proposes, she accepts and the two youngsters get engaged.

As happens with all predictable films, Vicki is released on bail and there he is - right in front of Karan and Sneha, just at the time when they are debating about 'sapna' turning into 'sach' [dream coming true]. Turns out that.......well you would have already guessed by now!

To give credit to the director, there is some glimmer of hope 10 minutes in the movie when the three lead characters are being rushed to a hospital in critical state. Brief background flashes that go along do promise an engaging love story cum drama. Even till 6-7 reels, when movie jumps between current narrative and flashbacks and promises to bring an interesting angle, what with a lady cop trying to solve the whodunit cum whydunit! But all this becomes comical towards the last few reels of the movie with audience behaving as intelligently as t

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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