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Actually Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 8, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Actually Review
Hemanth, Bhagath Manuel, Aju Varghese, Sreenivasan, P Balachandran, Chembil Asokan, Lishoy, Sneha Unnikrishnan, Anjali, Gayathri, Mini Arun, Jose Terence
Shine Kurian
Right Turn Films
Ramavarma Kilimanoor, Gopukrishna P.S


When movies come out of the blue with little pre-publicity, little do we expect themselves to be than ‘made-up, silly’ ones that usually falls out of place in the busy market. Yes, last week’s offer ‘Actually’ is just another one to add to non--starter’s list of the year which will be a sheer wastage of your money and time for anyone who makes a try. In fact, it is another movie that needs to be left out even without a review.

'Actually' in the opening reels has Sanu (Sreenivasan), who is battered to death inside a shopping mall, following an argument, after which start s  the titles. In another corner of the town is Deepak (Hemanth), who has been dismissed from his IT firm due to his negligent ways. Though he is back home, he is unwilling to face his father who has initially recommended him to the firm. He has got a friend named Saji, who himself calls ‘Blog kavi’ as he posts nonsensical lines on the internet  forums.  Priya (Sneha Unnikrishnan), the young daughter of the late Sanu, is on her way to Ernakulum from Kannur , with her close  friend Roopa (Anjali), who is familiar with the city and  its ways. Priya is planning to somehow get back the money that she has paid to an animation institute as advance, as she is not able to pursue the course. Roopa, who but has something else in mind, leaves Priya alone in the big city. With no one to help her even to find a place for stay, there are more in store for Priya.

The plot of the movie itself is a big letdown, which is handled rather poorly by the inexperienced director Shine Kurien. The movie doesn’t even impress you at any point and half an hour into it, you feel a likeness to rush to the exit, heavily crushed by the inane handling of the film..Add to that the sluggish pace that mars any interest on the proceedings.  The characterization is also amateurish and performance-wise no one is impressive. Hemanth, Sneha and others in the casts just doesn’t suit the frame of things and their acting is below par..  Sreenivasan who appears in just a few scenes has nothing much to do while . P Balachandran’s character, could have worked out, if handled well.
The technical sides are also poor with the BGs cores by Sejo John also a letdown.  The below average music scores by new comers and all other aspects makes it a headache for viewers, who will think twice before attempting any lesser known films..
'Actually' is one film that makes you wonder about the intention of its makers. Anyway, if their idea was to bore you to death, then they have successfully managed it hands down.

 Rating - 3/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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