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Adaminte Makan Abu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 27, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Adaminte Makan Abu Review
Salim Kumar, Mukesh, Kalabhavan Mani, Jagathy Sreekumar
Salim Ahamad
Adaminte Makan Abu

Aadaminte makan abu' is definitely a film that affects you. Not only does the film unfold the travels of an old couple's desire to go for the Holy Hajj pilgrimage, but also offer a multilayered offering that can even be looked upon through the concern of an environmentalist. Right from choosing a story that seems straight out of life, to the realistic treatment, there's no denying that the director Salim Ahamed has offered pure and unadulterated aesthetics of film making on display,  in a time when the focus is on a large canvas and larger than life stars. Sensitively handled with bravura performances from the entire cast, this one's a triumph for everyone associated with it. And it is really worth the accolades that the national and State award jury has showered on the movie.

'Aadaminte makan Abu' is set in a hamlet and essentially revolves around aged  Abu, son of Adam, who in his seventies is still working hard, travelling around selling Athar and religious books in the streets. Having learned to get beyond the reminiscences of their only son Sathaar, who deserted his parents to look out for life in the middle east marrying a rich girl, Abu and his wife Ayeshumma (Zarina Wahab) now only have  a dream left, that is to set off to the holy Hajj pilgrimage .And for that they are treasuring money, peny by peny to pay for the travel and visa expenses.

Apart from the straight, simple story lines that are treated with splendour, the script lines offer a lot of social commentary in smaller elements and with every actor whether in smaller(Jaffer idukky, Sasi kalinga,Gopakumar ) or bigger roles( Nedumudi venu, Kalabhavan Mani,T S Raju, Suraj Venjaaramoodu) playing their very best, the sincerity in the approaches is all prevailing. Add to that the mythological elements that comes up in the form of Usthaad (Thampi Antony) who is their in the village, never joining the fellow mates in prayers in the mosques, but sees the future and prophesies to all who come up for his assistance. Abu's rendezvous with the saintly man in the hilltop beneath the lone tree, where heavens kiss the earth remains some of the best scenes in the movie. Also is the scenes where the couple goes on in  an attempt to seek forgiveness from Sulaiman, with whom Salim has a petty fight over the borders of land a decade ago.

Debutante Director Salim Ahammed has handled the subject material with utmost sensitivity. Also, he has extracted topnotch performances from every member of the cast. Salim Kumar, make the best use of the role of Abu, that offers him the maximum spaces to show of his talents in subtle displays of his histrionics. Truly a unreplicable performance, he lends believability to the role and meticulously maintains all the characterizations' and manoeuvres of the role in tact, till the very end. Surely this is a performance that makes the best of performances pale in comparison. Zareena Wahab as Ayishumma does another incredible performance and lives her role.

Madhu Ambat's cinematography is topnotch,with really alluring and enthralling visuals. For the layman and for even the students of cinematography, this will be a study class on what all makes the quality camera work different from the ordinary. Isaac Thomas Kottukappilly has brought in some very supporting BG scores while the great songs by Ramesh Narayan is also used to excellent effect in the movie. A definite mention must be also made about the work of Vijay Shankar in editing, whose interesting cuts have well shaped the pacing of the movie, watchful even to those who dislike serious cinema. Adding similar fervour to the narrative is the work of art director Jyothish Shankar.

'Adaminte Makan Abu' is definitely a movie with an insightful and enriching content that matches the international flavor and is sure to earn big accolades even in festivals abroad. Don't miss this one, it's a must - see for lovers of sensible cinema and those who appreciate great performances. At the box-office, unlike the other art house initiates, the film should do very well at select theatres of 'A' class centres, and if the initial hungama over the films are to be believed, this one will emerge a winner in the B.O too.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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