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Ain Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 26, 2015 • Malayalam ]
Ain Review
1:1 Entertainments
Sidhartha Siva
Rahul Raj

There are movies which, when we peel off the gloss is nothing but fluff. Then there are movie which is so layered and rich in content. 'Ain' directed by Siddarth Siva is one such movie, which, while focusing on the protagonist Maanu's emotional growth, is based on a layered dimension that includes political murder, media sensationalism and spirituality.

Maanu is this naive youth who works as a butcher about which his family is dissatisfied. He lives in a bubble and his wavering and unsure nature is a lack in his personality. He even goes about his religious rituals, not really caring to even think what he is doing. Maanu's nature is established in the movie slowly over time. Siddarth Siva utilizes this time to set the pace of the narrative.

His bubble bursts when he sees something terrifying. This becomes a pivotal moment in his life as he flees home. Dread and fear accompanies him. There is a lot of emotions riding in the plot now. This heightened emotional plane is maintained till the end.

Mustafa as Maanu has portrayed a naive and unquestioning youth to perfection. His body language, eye movements, speech are all spot on. Rachana Narayanakutty has also done a good job. Though the movie was built on a low budget, roughness in the technical aspects lend a realistic charm to the narrative.

There are moments in the script which feels bland. But overall, the movie interests and is highly watchable. Independent movies will hopefully find more platforms in the Malayalam film industry.

Rating - 3/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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