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Angry Babies Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 17, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Angry Babies Review
Anoop Menon, Bhavana, Nishanth Sagar, P Balachandran, Shaju, Muktha George, Kalabhavan Shajon, Anusree.
Saji Surendran
Darshan Ravi


After a few duds in the recent years, Saji Surendran- Krishna Poojappura team is back with another wannabe humorous entertainer in 'Angry Babies in love'. Though this time they have changed their lead, except for Anoop Menon everything else remains the same with some attempts on humour working out relatively well, while others stooping low.
Anoop Menon is placed as Jeevan Paul, a freelance photographer in the film, who has the  guts to elope with his  love Sarah Thomas(Bhavana) hailing from an affluent family. From the church where Sarah's marriage was all set to happen, they flee to Mumbai to start a new life together. And an year later, we find the same couple ready to get separated waiting for the final nod from the Mumbai family court. However, the court on hearing their plea for a mutual divorce asks them to stay together for another six months before making the final call. The movie is all based on the happenings that follow as they remain in the same apartments, possibly avoiding the other, respecting the orders of the court. Adding new spice to their lives are the arrival of a Tamil maid (Anushree) and an affluent neighbour Alex(Joju George)  .
As usual with every movies of the team, there are plenty of instances created to arouse laughter, with all the properties on air at regular intervals. But they don't necessarily tickle your funny bone as intended. Apart from a better climax and a few one-liners from talented actors like Noby, you do not have much to carry home from these `Angry Babies' quite surprisingly in love. 

Anoop Menon, tries to look lighter manages well with a type of role that he is not used to regularly. Bhavana is ok in her role while the rest of the cast has nothing much to be named for.
This 'Angry Babies', in the final analysis doesn't provide anything fresh in the type of storylines about family problems. The makers just rehash many familiar plot points, add a little of slapstick attempts but end up as an average movie that may not work that well with the masses. Recommended for an average watch.

Rating - 6./10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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