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Annum Innum Ennum Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 21, 2013 • Malayalam ]
Annum Innum Ennum Review
Jishnu Raghavan, Sidhique, Salim Kumar, Nishan, Rekha and Radhika
Rajesh Nair
Annum Innum Ennum

The recent years are offering a lot of debutantes armed with awe-inspiring enthusiasm and innovative concepts,  daring to narrate stories that defy the stereotypical films, that we are structured to .The initial posters of the new movie `Annum Innum Ennum, , that went viral really offered a lot of expectations. Coming from the debutante director Rajesh Nair, the movie but now ends up as an average flick with not much to boast off. Narrating the lives of the new generation in metro polis culture, the movie just ends up as an average stuff.

Here we have got a few couples in the focus and takes a unusual look at how  every marriage life has got its share of bouts o f infidelity issues. The movie has, seniors Indu (Rekha) and Sidharth  Menon (Siddique) who have recently divorced after a twenty year long innings. While Indu has started seeing a psychiatrist, Dr Benjamin Bruno (Thilakan)to get off her depression, Sidddharth is actually forced to marry a hooker named  Dolly (Fareisa Joemmanbaks), after being photographed red handed by her brother. Sridhar (Jishnu Raghavan)a doctor by profession, has met success with his first book, but is currently  experiencing a writer's block , while attempting his second. He is least interested in his wife Anjana (Radhika) who has been busy working hard to get ends meet. Anjana's boss at the PR company,  Roy (Nishan) is after a lot of female prospects, ever since he is in agony from his  unresponsive wife. Adding to the list is Inspector Lopez (Salim Kumar) who is scared of his wife Clara (Seema G Nair), even in taking petty decisions.  Intertwining with these lives is the arrival of Riya, a new neighbor who finds time to help Sridhar to get over his writer's block by even allowing him to watch herself stripping at night.

The movie tries to tell a little serious things and issues about of love, sex, heartaches and fragile relationships from each one's life but is overly concerned with the male concupiscence in each of the cases. And hence, the interesting concept goes flat as the writing is painfully taxing and the execution, amateurish at times. Much of the laughs are forced and in poor taste, just as the case of a male waiting to clear off his visitor before the power of `Viagra' ends.
Gishnu looks just ok , but lacks the comic timing to carry this little  crazy character with flourish, while Siddhique tries hard to make you laugh with a straight face. Nishan is wonderful and does a fine job, in a follow up to his role in "Ee Adutha kalathu'. But the entire lady protagonists except Roselin needs to polish their acting skills. The imported Tashi Kaushik and Fareisa  are beautiful but lack the finesse demanded by their roles, while Radhika wastes another big opportunity in the lead character. The technical sides are also average.  Gopi Sundar is the only person who has did something to make the scenes work with his impressive BG scores.

On the whole, `Annum Innum Ennum', tries too hard to be funny and that's why it misfires. Besides, a weak script, lack of research, hasty conclusion and wacky characters only go against it! It talks, albeit half-heartedly without any confidence.
Rating 4.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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