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Anushka: I Don't Know What's A Sexy Expression
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 • Telugu Comments

She has been the queen of many a wet dream over the past few years but Anushka is oblivious to her charm as a sexy on-screen goddess.

In an exclusive to IndiaGlitz, Anushka was candid in her selection of words. She revealed that she is always asked by the directors and choreographers for a sexy expression while doing songs and she is confused at such a request. When the interviewer asked her "What’s a Sexy Expression" she coolly shot back "I don’t know. Not just me, no normal girl knows what it is. But over the years, I learnt to give them what they want from a stock of stereotyped expressions."

However, she said it’s not the case with Sri Raghavan. She said, "Working with Raghavan is a wonderful ‘unlearning’ experience. In the sense that over the years and the stereotyped roles I played in films, I grew up giving them from the bank of expressions I built. It’s like cheating yourself and it went well till date. But not with director Raghavan. He stops you, helps you format yourself to new stock, new expressions and that’s how you reinvent yourself and evolve."