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Arima Nambi Music Review

Arima Nambi Music Review
Kalaipuli Films Internationa
Vikram Prabhu, Priya Anand
Anand Shankar
Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Music Review
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 • Tamil Comments

The mere mention of drums would let our thoughts wonder around ace drummer Sivamani, for the man has been more than a synonym of drums and has lived his life through it. Now making his musical debut for the VikramPrabhu-Priyamani starrer Arima Nambi, there is a lot of expectation on the musical front. Directed by yet another assistant of Murugadoss, Anand Shankar this marks Vikramprabhu’s third outing at the BO.

Singer: Javed Ali

A soft melody from Javed Ali starts off rather fresh and fore mostly embedded in love. A song that cherishes the new found love of our modern day Romeo, goes about describing the lady love in depth. The song starts with a lot of scope of improvisation, however apart from the meddling tunes between the interludes and vocals, the mid verses lack the josh. Sivamani has meddled the fairy piano all over, a fair attempt.

2.Naanum Unil Padhi
Singer(s): Alma, Rita

The number just trots along the strings and sleazy guitar all along for the initial vocal itself comes after a minute. The song’s composition and lyrics all looks to ooze around with lust in the air, that said the tune never hooks you for a minute and it’s just an average composition in the end. The song is full of instruments that sound good on a separate note, put together falls flat.

3.Neeyae Neeyae
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

The song shoots off with a 3D experience of water droplets and the magical Shreya Goshal’s vocal just fill the cup of love. Yet again the song is promising as it starts but loses the melody steam through the middle. Slow romance numbers are quite popular in Tamil Cinema, and the silent orchestration makes our heads turn with the visuals, this looks like a song that should be rich in visuals. Apart from the water tripping and Shreya’s humming, the song is average.

4.Yaaro Yaar Aval
Singer(s): Runa Rizvi, Shabbir Kumar

Ah, finally the signature effect of Sivamani is here, the song clubbed with Rock theme runs away for its urban composition. The chick feel of the rock song is accomplished with Runa’s entry and Shabbir takes the lead again with a clean note. Siva has innovated continuously through the interludes with a lot of electronic orchestration; to be specific the e-guitar is a revelation.

Singer: Sivamani

The theme is an abode of splendid rock feel, with the composer indulging in bringing out his best. The search of Siva’s drums ends here as he takes around the tune with his trademark drumming. Yet again like the previous number, the guitar plays the centre stage by pumping up the volume.

Verdict : A fair debut that lacks the Siva Punch