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Arjun Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 19, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Arjun Review
Mahesh Babu, Shriya, Keerthi Reddy, Prakash Raj, Raja, Sarita, Murali Mohan, Kalabhavan Mani, Rajan P Dev, Nassar
Ramesh G
Mani Sharma

The lavishly mounted sets, the painstakingly choreographed stunts, the stunning visuals ----- Arjun is one of the richest and richly made Telugu films in recent times. It is obvious that the producer has baulked at no expenses in making the film.

But why would G Ramesh Babu, the producer, do that?

After all, he is the brother of the hero Mahesh Babu. In that sense, Arjun in a sense is a sibling show of love and affection.

Little wonder that this thread of sentiment is the main strand of the film's storyline. It is about the eponymous hero Arjun's (Mahesh Babu) attempts at making his twin sister Meenakshi (Keerthi Reddy) marry her love Uday (Raja) and then making that marriage work in the light of the vehement opposition from her parents-in-law.

Arjun comes to know of Meenakshi's love for Uday only when the latter sends a love letter alongside the invitation card for his marriage with someone else.

Arjun, quickly realizes that he has to do something, and goes over to Madurai where Uday is stationed. He does manage to get the two lovers united. But in doing so, Arjun unwittingly opens a Pandora's Box. Uday's parents (Prakash Raj and Saritha) are evil and do not mind going to any extent to retrieve their son from an `unwanted marriage'. They even hire a contract killer (Kalabhavan Mani) to do away with Arjun and his

But Arjun, like all heroes, is steadfast and ensures that good triumphs over the evil at the end of it all.

A guileless doting brother out to do anything for his sister---- it is a corny story. But Arjun does not come out corny simply because of two counts ---- one the production values are top rate and secondly the main actors (especially Mahesh) are in fine form.

Mahesh seems to have put behind the disaster of Nani very quickly. As a loving brother, as a guardian angel of his sister, as a baddie-bashing youth and as a charming lover himself, Mahesh is simply superb. He has given his best here. Period.

Keerthi Reddy as the fragile sister of Arjun also gets most things right. She has a strong role and performs more than adequately. Shriya, as the love interest of Mahesh, has nothing much to do except look good and sing a couple of songs. Prakash Raj and Saritha as the bad as bear parents-in-law are perfect.

Arjun is lifted to great heights also by the inspired muisc of Mani Sharma and the stunning art work of Thota Tharani (In the latter's work, Madurai comes alive most dramatically. It might win him a National Award).

Director Guna Sekhar is mostly in control of the film. He keeps the narration interesting and live. But he is hamstrung by a weak and old story. But Guna Sekhar again has proved that he is one of the up and coming directors who has lot of finesse and style.

Arjun is certainly no Okkadu (Guna's previous film with Mahesh).

But on its own, Arjun is on target.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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