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Artist Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, September 3, 2013 • മലയാളം ]
Artist Review


Last week it was a horrendous affair for Fahad Fazil, who met with the first big flop of his comeback  in `Olipporu'. But within a week from its debacle, the talented youngster has bounced back with another memorable role in his career in his latest `Artist'. Also offering a career best role for Ann Augustine, the movie is an odd to loving hearts who make extreme sacrifices to keep it in tact and to those who shut its doors even with limited distractions.
The movie has Fahad Fazil as Michel Angelo, an upcoming painter who aspires to get into the league of the world renounced painter with the same name. An activist who speaks about abstract ,puritan art is is more a selfish man always concerned about his life as an artist rather than anything else. The movie is told in flashback as the reminiscences of his live-in wife Gayathri, one  of his juniors in his college who has taken risks to move out of her  conservative Brahmin family and to start a live-in relationship with the skilled painter. Though an eccentric and arrogant guy, Micheal has his own ways for love. But their plans to settle for better is cut short by a fatal accident that can make any artist drop his brush, but not Micheal.The movie follows his curious ways by which the filmmakers in Shyamaprasad really succeeds to keep in engaging touch with his viewers,

Based on the story by Preekshit Uttam, the movie has an excellent screenplay and dialogues supported by spectacular performances from all in the cast. For all those who still doubt about the role selection and finesse of the actor in Fahad, this is one really difficult role that but appear a cakewalk for the actor. He has brilliantly adjusted himself to play the travails and pains of a disabled artist. And Ann Augustine looks mesmerising in the really demanding role in her career.The movie , which is narrated from her view point offers her unparallelled opportunities to effectively portray the real artist in Ann.
The technical sides are also brilliant with Shyam Dutt once again back in the limelight for  best visuals. Biji bal with his tunes and Vinod Sukumaran in the editing also excels and support Shyamaprasad to create another  memorable film.

'Artist' is one movie that may definitely be listed among the best of Shyamaprasad. Though it has little pitfalls, Artist is definitely engaging and is sure to get appreciated for its meaty narratives.   

 Score - 6.5


Rating: 0 / 5.0


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