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Barghavacharitham Moonaam Ghantam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 26, 2006 • മലയാളം ]
Barghavacharitham Moonaam Ghantam Review
Mammootty, Padmapriya, Sai Kumar, Jagadeesh, Salim Kumar, Indrajith

For the last two years, Mammootty was continuing a winning streak which extended to around 12 hits in a row. But now it seems like he is after a flop parade .His previous venture 'Prajapathy' made a disastrous show in the box office. And now his latest for Onam 'Barghavacharitham Moonaam Ghantam' is also following the former in the verdict from the masses.

Sreenivasan who joined Mammootty after a while had promised before the release that Barghavacharitham Moonaam Ghantam (BCMK) is different and is a perfect black comedy in Malluwood. But   the film shows even less elements of good comedy, and even it lacks a good narrative which must be the backbone of a well made film.Even when the film bases on the Hollywood flick 'Analyse This' for the basic plot and the screenplay is in the trusted hands of Sreenivasan,very few did surmise that the outcome could be so disappointing.

The film which starts off as a watchable comedy for the first half, but towards the end collapse into a typical commercial masala with every elements for a hero centric movie with nothing new offering for the audience.

The story revolves around a notorious underworld Don of Kochi called 'Current Bhargavan' (Mammootty), who is always accompanied by  funny looking  goons (Johny and Mohan Jose). The present problem of the Don is that he has  lost confidence and can't pick up a gun or be violent anymore. He accidentally hears the oration of world renowned psychiatrist Dr Shantharam (Sreenivasan), who boasts that he can even treat Bin Laden to come back to activities of peace. The Don then forcefully acquires the help of the psychiatrist and that is the film's premise. The tale which look good on paper and in the original, loose heart and get wasted in characteristics of buffoonery.

The psychiatrist who senses the danger, in which he is off to, tries to escape from the don which leads to further chases, merry go round and jarring sequences. Bhargavan infamous for his horrified killings and marinjuana cultivation roams free before the police to get over his anxiety attacks. Rahman as a narcotics inspector and Saikumar as the boss of both the don and inspector show some presence. And to the biggest question is the role of females, Padmapriya and Nikhitha, doing virtually nothing in the film.

The major letdown comes from the director Joemon, who does nothing imaginative with the characters than to follow a screenplay which offered much space for reinvention and improvisation. There are many such instances for induced laughter, but remains in hard earned chuckles.

Sreenivasan   who make more screen time than Mammootty, has more number of scenes, but looks old, predictable and stale. . Mammootty also looks unfit in the less imaginative proceedings.  Manoj Pillai's camera which has captured beautiful  Athirapally locales and the background scores by Ouseppachan  stands apart from the otherwise dull unrealistic surroundings.


Rating: 0 / 5.0


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