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Bhayam Ariyaan Music Review

Bhayam Ariyaan Music Review
Jayamathi Picture
Mageshraja, Udhayathara, Kishore, Manikandan, Sanuja, Devi Kriba, Ponnambalam, Saranya
K Sarghunaraja
P. C. Sivan
Reassuring film music
Monday, January 18, 2010 • Tamil Comments

Jayamathi Pictures, `Bhayam Ariyaan' is another film set in the mean urban slum backdrop. To be precise the film is woven around a cemetery. Mageshraja, Udhayathara, Kishore, Manikandan, Sanuja, Devi Kriba, Ponnambalam, Saranya are the actors. Produced by K. Sargunaraja and directed by Prathesh `Bhayam Ariyaan' has 7 songs in the album.

The songs of `Bhayam Ariyaan' are definitely reassuring. All songs are different from each other. In fact they are all melodious and must be appreciated more than usual considering the film's plot and setting. P C Sivan definitely has a good time ahead. He is another Vijay Antony in the making. He masters in all kinds of music and differentiate them equally well pleasing to the ears. He sounds a nice blend of ARR and Raja. Another positive is P C Sivan has tried all the variety in one film. Good job man.

All songs in this album tell you the story of the film. Even the kuthu song makes you visualize. This trend of where the songs are fittingly written to blend with the story hasn't been seen for decades.

It's one's duty to encourage this kind of good work by first timers.

1. Se Mo Pe Saamayo - Listen here

Singer: P C Sivan

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

This appears a signature song and does set a mood to create an impact. With no real words in the lyric yet hits you hard. This is sung well by music director P C Sivan. He surely has a good voice.  Haunting.

2. Pesum Deebamo - Listen here

Singer: Unni Menon

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

Unni Menon after a gap has done a great job. As usual he exudes a unique charm. The sax-violin combo interludes captivate you.  Orchestration is so refined that the music doesn't eat the words. Mohan Rajan has put the nice words to make it a good romantic song. This number makes you relive the era of melodies ruled by Raja in the eighties. Both by lyric and music. Worth it.

3. Dhara Dhiri - Listen here

Singer: Ranina, Krishna Iyer, MK. Balaji, Vijay, Bharath, P C. Sivan, Ramya

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

How can a film f today escape the kuthu syndrome?  This is a chorus kuthu obviously to appease the front benchers. It has to serve a purpose and it will.

4. Amma Nee Irundaal - Listen here

Singer: Yesudas

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

Pick of the pack. The song on Mother's love sounds great with K J Yesudas. Opening violins set the pulse for this pathos song and K J Yesudas takes it to the top with his magical voice. Clear meaningful words tell you a story.  Songs like Oora therinjukitten and Amma entralaikatha uyirillaiye which have stood the test of time have added another class number to their group. A story goes like this. K J Yesudas took five hours sing this number and he didn't take a drop of water until he finished the whole recording. After he finished he wept thinking of his mother. So involved was he. A must listen song.

5. Nee Illai Naan Illai - Listen here

Singer: S P. Balasubramaniam, Janaki Iyer

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

A romantic duet with a classical tinge. It borders folk and rock in a novel way.  Rhythm and melody travel together in this song which makes it special. Janaki Iyer is in perfect company with for the great SPB.

6. Pallanguzhi Kannam - Listen here

Singer: MK. Balaji, Rita

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

Second duet. With drums dominating it sounds like a folk ballad. Another variety tried by the music director.  Singers MK. Balaji and Rita have matched the mood of the music and words.

7. Saamayo - Listen here

Singer: Bhargavi

Lyricist: Mohan Rajan

This is the female version of the signature tune. Even this sounds good. While this is more rhythmic the male version did sound a bit melodic. Both are of course good.

On the whole `Bhayam Ariyaan' songs are like a good mix of the best of the eighties. Worthy album to listen and to own.