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Biriyani Music Review

Biriyani Music Review
Studio Green
Karthi, Hansika Motwani, Premji Amaren, Ramki, Mandy Takhar
Venkat Prabhu
KE Gnanavel Raju, SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu
Yuvan Shankar Raja
is served...!
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Alright the feast is served, wait it's only the audio that is out. The movie will have to wait another month, till then get ready to sync your iPod with Yuvan's 100thalbum, which is sure to spice you up. A Venkat Prabhu feast with Karthi's commercial gimmick, the album is early but sure to rock your wits out.


Singers : Bhavatharini, Tanvi Shah, Vilasini

Lyrics : GangaiAmaren, Tanvi Shah

With distant coos and perennial flute the song shoots off with a string of English verses shared by all the lead singers. Tanvi chips in the lyrics department as well in a song that tromps the musician's 100th album home. A signature Yuvan at his best leashes out a rap fused with harmonious country whistling in the background, a theme song to relish and hum!

Edhirthu Nil

Singers : D. Imman, G. V. Prakash Kumar, S. Thaman, Vijay Antony, Yuvan

Lyrics : GangaiAmaran

The horde of musicians team up in this song, in what could have been called like a tribute to Yuvan. The lyrics too depict the mood of the song and probably the only song that is clubbed on a serious note. This number is the odd man out of the album, but does not die down as the lyrics and singing muster up the standards. The song Closes in with Yuvan's vocal, a song yet again to wait for the visuals.


Singers : Karthi, PremgiAmaren, PriyaHimesh

Lyrics : Vaali

A full and foremost a song for the boys club, on the lines of a chartbuster wraps up this song. A track that oozes lust and sleazy appeal throughout the vocals, instrumentation and of course the lyrics too. It will be ages before we find the likes of a person who can match the late Vaali, for the variety he brings in this song right from the first line with fresh youthfulness. Karthi and Premji's vocals add the lethargic crisp which surfaces through the tabla and midway Sax. A song that will make us to crave for the visuals.

Nahna Na Nah (Extended Dance Mix)

Singers : PremgiAmaren, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics : Vaali, Yuvanshankar Raja

Get on the dance floor for this is Yuvan's special dance mix, the one that he trademarks with most of Venkat Prabhu's flicks. Premji's vocal is one to look out for; it breaks free from the usual trend of singer-musician blend to a different segment. A song to turn on your speakers with heavy bass lines and make your neighbor yell! Tempo and sync is just amazing, boy is Yuvan a celebration!

Nahna Na Nah (New Jack Swing Mix)

Singers : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics : Vaali

On the lines of "LoosuPennu", the signature mix of Biryani has been given a slow bass uplift with a sharp bend in its rhythm. The energy is intact as he unleashes slow metal occasionally, a wondrous snaky song to raise your hand in the air and start waving around.

PomPom Penne

Singers : Rahul Nambiar, Ramya NSK

Lyrics : Karky

Ah, the Broadway musical is here only with a Yuvan tryst in it. The sons of legendary celebs join together and Karky has done a commendable job in portraying the ways of winning over the gal, leading up to a series of exchanges between the hero and heroine. A beauty of a song and the basic assumption is the visuals will be a Venkat extravaganza set in the golden ages of Broadway symphony. Yuvan captures the flavor quite well by casting the magic spell of shelly orchestration, the ones you would love to hear in a classic gramophone.

Run for your Life

Singers : GaanaBala, PSYCHO.unit

Lyrics : Gana Bala, PSYCHO.unit

Taking a page of the age old classic tunes, the song suddenly leaps out with a mixture of everything. First with the heavy aroma of Psycho unit, the raps flow and creams out in a hip hop groove and viola where did the lowered vocals of Bala come through! A closer look at the lyrics wills double you with laughter as well "Oduranariyila" , "OC la" are few instances. The song is almost a hint of what the movie is; a plate of biryani. that's about it! The Bhangra fused with rap is a revelation to hear, and as it loops towards the end the curtains close with Mankatha theme! What more you would want!

Nahna Na Nah

Singers : DevanEkambaram

Lyrics : Vaali, Yuvanshankar Raja

The song which already trended the charts is here and does not make you wait to be played, springs upon with delightful music and vocals. A fresh wave of youthful energy is all over the song and is hard to go unnoticed. With a freaky hip-hop the song hooks you with the repetitive Nah..Naah's and Devan is the perfect choice for this song without a doubt. The graph of pace and melody is a clean strike in this song and Yuvan has doubled it with everything he has.

Verdict : Pump up the Volume, it's party time!