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Bodyguard Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 25, 2010 • മലയാളം ]
Bodyguard Review
Dileep, Nayantara, Mithra

Bodyguard  is the hit machine Siddhique's ninth go into the Mollywood Box Office and this time too, he doesn't falter much in creating a good drama. Though in a not much inspiring storylines, he had managed to shape it as a decent entertainer, which may click with the masses, if promoted with grandeur

The movie has Dileep as Jayakrishnan, a little weird guy who from his childhood has developed a strange interest and passion to be with the brave and the powerful, taking any amount of risks. He jumps out of college and starts learning to become a brave goonda by becoming a bodyguard for famous anti socials. He accidentally hears about the ultimate don of the city Ashokan (thyagarajan) and finds ways to get to him. And in one of the chances to prove him, Jayakrishnan saves Ashokan and his family from a murder attempt and becomes the favorite bodyguard of this man, who has retired from goonda activities and is presently engaged in other business.

When  Asokan's only daughter Ammu (Nayanthara) rejoins her college for her final year, Jayakrishnan is also sent along as a student to give her the needed protection. And then the protagonist turns a comic character for most of the time clad in the attire of filmy bodyguards (in safari suit and sunglasses) and always accompanies Ammu and her friend Sethulekshmy, even to the toilet. The friends of Ammu start ridiculing her for this Bodyguard act. Highly irritated, she finds a novel idea to get him out of sight, by making him fall in love with somebody in the campus. As none is interested in taking to love with this buffoon, Ammu herself takes the charge and starts making prank calls to him, which get serious after some time. The movie though made with good visuals and moving narratives, most of the time, fails desperately in creating any kind of chemistry between the lead protagonists. Though both Dileep and Nayanthara are excellent in their respective parts, they don't show any kind of bonding on screen and hence the viewers also don't get that interest to get them together in the story. Also the movie meanders without any real direction in the midway, but towards the end it is an array of twists posted one after the other which disturbs the narratives.

The script from Sidhique is definitely not his best as it stands loaded with many unrealistic sequences, but the movie definitely has its moments. Dileep has been successful to generate some light comedies from the otherwise regular sequences, while Nayans looks chick and the costumer seems to have worked overtime to create some stylish attire for her. The director in Siddhique has managed to create some good opening and not so disastrous climax (which it could have been with the script lines), which will help the movie with the family audiences.

S Kumar as usual is excellent with his visuals while Ouseppachan is back to track with a couple of very good songs which work big time in the narratives. His background scores are also equally good which accentuates the mood of the movie, which gets tad slow at times...

Anyhow, what Siddhique needs to do high time is to market it to the extremes. As the movie definitely have the content that will satisfy the family audience, if he can bring them at the earliest, Bodyguard' may well remain as one film that didn't break his continuity in creating big hits.  Or else, the movie is destined to be one of the biggest lows from the director of celebrations.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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