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Boyy Friennd Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, November 24, 2005 • Malayalam ]
Boyy Friennd Review
Manikuttan,Madhumita, Lkashmi Gopalswamy, Srinivasan, Mukesh, Lalu Alex, Jagadeesh,Harisree Ashokan
Boyy Friend

The English spelling of the film's title may be a tad intriguing. But Vinayan has chosen a different spelling perhaps because he himself has chosen a different theme for his movie. Murder mystery is not his kind of movie. But he has smartly woven that into this mother-son sentiment story and has made it work, despite some minor hitches here and there.

Vinayan's strength is in telling a hardy tale with its associated emotions. He has taken recourse to that here too.

The story revolves around Ramesan (Manikantan), who is a college cricketer of some promise. His life is cricket and his mother Nandini (Lakshmi Gopalswamy). She is a government staff. The mother-son relationship is a very tender one and she moves with him on friendly terms.

But she runs into trouble with the Minister Natesan (Mukesh) who has an eye on her. He is even accused of trying to molest her.When Natesan comes to Ramesan's college, he queers the pitch by bad mouthing Nandini. This enrages Ramesan and he attacks the Minister.

But Ramesan also manages to flee the place and is sheltered by a friend (Madhumitha). As it happens, Natesan is found murdered later and the needle of suspicion points to Ramesan. Enter the cop (Sreenivasan) to investigate the whole case.

So who really killed the Minister forms the whole plot.

Manikantan, the newcomer, is full of beans. He fights and dances with effervescence. But he needs to temper his exuberance. Lakshmi Gopalswamy as his mother is measured and confident. She brings dignity to her character. Mukesh in a role with black shades is really good. Sreenivasan, as a funny cop, does his usual job. Madhumitha looks pretty and that is what you can say the most.

Jeyachandran's music has verve. The songs carry a good feel all through.

Vinayan manages to hold the interest and makes the film work. You can complain on a few counts. But overall the film is a good entertainer.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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