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Bullet Basya Preview

Bullet Basya Peview
Sharan, Haripriya
Jayana Bhogendra
Arjun Janya

Bullet Basya

Friday, June 19, 2015 • Kannada Comments

This ‘Bullet Basya’ is like the local Vijay Malya liquor baron of Karnataka. Basya is in celebration mood always and for the drop of a hat he celebrates. It is affluence that makes such moves. Jayathirtha - of Olave Mandhara and Tony has completed major portions of the film in Mandya and Mysooru backdrop.

The rich and affluent is Sharan of 106 films to his credit. He has moustache for the first time. He is like Vijay Mallya in a village. He is always in celebration mood. Quite opposite is Haripriya for this ‘Bullet Basya’. She is strong but comes from poverty stricken family. The clash of the two is interesting point. In the company of ‘Bullet Basya’ there is Yathiraj, Adi, Giri, Prashanth Siddi, Tanvir. They own a ‘Basya Band’. An interesting song shooting was taking place at Minerva Mills when the shoot was going on for a song. All looked very colorful in costumes. Sharan on Bullet given good photos for the record purpose. He feels this role is away from all his earlier films. Raghu Nidavalli is dialogue writer and pen one song. Yogaraj Bhat, Nagendra Prasad, Kaviraj have lent a song each. Master Anand, Srujan Lokesh, Rangayana Raghu are also in the cast. This is another lavish venture from Jayanna and Bhogendra. Arjun Janya is scoring music and Sugnan is man behind camera for ‘Bullet Basya’.