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Chacko Randaman Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 3, 2006 • Malayalam ]
Chacko Randaman Review
Kalabhavan Mani,Jagathy Sreekumar, Vijay Raghavan, Anand, Narayanan Kutty, Sathish Babu, Kottayam Somaraj, Jyothirmayi, Sreevidya.
Sunil Karyat
Chacko Randaaman

Chacko Randaman boasted pretty chances of a great movie in the offering with Kalabhavan Mani in three different, difficult roles in one film. But it is sad to say that Mani's attempts, one of the rarest in Malluwood, was in vain due to disheartening maladroitness from his crew, resulting in the making of a crass masala movie, aiming solely the front benchers.

Mani who has most number of films in hand, is churning out one action film after another almost every month! Most directors consider him an usable property due to the low expenses and considerable initials of his films. But if Mani is to continue in this track, it could prove fatal for his career as a mass hero.

Debutant director Sunil Karikatura has made another version of the  Ranjit's Mohanlal movie Ravanaprabhu, and added one more generation to take revenge, a little more masalas to make it more predictable and funnier without soul.

The film set on a border village called Thenkasimangam tells the story of log time feud between two families. This silent hamlet always witnesses a lot of betting and competitive games like' punch gusthy' and 'Vadam vali' which always created a winner in Ottachavittu Chacko.

He wins all for his best friend and landlord Parunthu Gopi (Anil Adityan). But Gopi betrays Chacko taking his girlfriend Malini  as his wife. Thereafter, the village always saw the clashes between the two, on everything. The feud continues to the next generation as Gopi makes Chacko handicapped and his son, Johny Kutty a mute .

Ottachavittu Chacko survives to earn triumphs over Gopi even after his unevenness, but Gopi who longed for a victory over Chacko become a reckless recidivist who could pounce on Chacko at every instances. In one such attack on senior Chacko's life, his son takes revenge and kills Gopi. Gopi's son and the local MLA Devanarayanan (Vijayaraghavan) decides to eliminate Johny Kutty and take revenge on Chacko. The mighty villain uses all the resources before him for the deed .But Chacko has an option left in his grandson Chacko (Mani) who is a  largescale dealer of tender coconuts in a border highway. Chacko the second arrives on his grandpa's call to fight his family enemies and the rest of the film is all about histronics,  boosted heroism , verbal activism and the good triumphing over evil.

The film is as usual, an all and out Kalabhavan Mani show. For every character he has a different get-up and body language and he delivers the dialogues effectively. But it is as garndpa Chacko that he steals the show, even though the crew were trying to build up applause for the grandson Chacko. Chacko the second, appears odd and disproportionate acts and overacts, with a faulty wig all through the show. The film has got two heroines Mohini and Jyothirmayi who have to showoff in eye candy roles.

Biju Devassy's script fails to grip, and to bear Overdoss Mani, he could have attempted on something more brighter. Jain Joseph has put in better frames at times. Sunder C. Babu have came up with good tunes even though their placements in the film lacks regards. Chacko Randaman is altogether another typical Kalabhavan Mani masala, just for an totally non serious viewers.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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