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Changure Bangaru Raja Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 15, 2023 • മലയാളം ]
Changure Bangaru Raja Review
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Karthik Rathnam, Goldie Nissy, Satya, Ravi Babu, Ester Noronha
Satish Varma
Ravi Teja
Krishna Saurabh

Changure Bangaru Raja Review

Changure Bangaru Raja is the latest youthful drama that has been promoted a lot in the last few days. The film has been released and read our review here.


The story unfolds in the village of Duggada, where everyone seeks colorful stones that fall from the sky during rain. Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam), a bike mechanic, gets entangled in a dispute over a colored stone with Somu Naidu (Raj Tirandasu), who is later found murdered. Bangarraju is arrested but released on bail, determined to uncover the truth behind Somu Naidu's murder. The film delves into how he cracks the case and the connections of Tatarao (Satya) and Gateelu (Ravi Babu) to the story.

Changure Bangaru Raja Review


Satish Varma's writing showcases skill and finesse, but the execution falters in delivering a compelling screenplay, a crucial element for this genre. The inventive narrative approach of presenting the story from various viewpoints loses its potency as the film's pacing lags in both halves. The characters portrayed by Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, and Ajay could have been more intricately developed to enhance the film's overall depth.

Karthik Ratnam gives his best effort, although his casting may not be perfect for the role. Goldie Nissy is passable as the female constable, but her on-screen chemistry with Karthik Ratnam falls flat. Satya and Ravi Babu shine with their comedic timing, providing the film's few enjoyable moments. Nitya Sri and the supporting cast deliver decent performances.

Debut director Satish Varma's work is underwhelming, missing the opportunity to create a strong crime comedy due to the weak screenplay and uninspiring scenes. Better writing and more humor could have made the film more entertaining. The story by Satish Varma lacks intrigue and fails to engage the audience. The screenplay is weak, and the narrative approach of presenting the murder from four different perspectives does not work.

Changure Bangaru Raja Review

Except for some comedic moments with Satya and Ravi Babu, most scenes lack humor. Characterizations, particularly those of the female leads and Ajay, are underdeveloped. The dialogue does not enhance the plot or provide the expected humor. The cinematography is adequate, while the editing could have been crisper, especially in the latter half of the film. The music by Krishna Saurabh fails to leave a lasting impression.


Overall, Changure Bangaru Raja suffers from an uninteresting storyline, poor screenplay, forgettable songs, and weakly written characters. But it is Satya and Ravi Babu's comedic scenes that offer some laughs for the audience. The rest is below par.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


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