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Chennai 600028 Music Review

Chennai 600028 Music Review
Capital Cinemas And Tantra Film Works
Shiva, Jai, Aravind Akash, Nithin Sathya, Premgi, Ajai Raj, Vijay, Prasanna, Ranjith, Arun, Karthik, Vijayalakshmi, Christine Zedek
Venkat Prabhu
S.P.B Charan, J.K Saravana
Yuvan Shankar Raja
A youthful musical journey
Monday, February 26, 2007 • Tamil Comments

Yuvan symbolizes the music of the Generation Next. He has caught the imagination of young music-lovers as his mastery over western lilts and rhythms is now well established.

Living up to his reputation is the young music director in Chennai - 6000028. He has come up with ten songs which are sure to catch the imagination of the younger generation.

The colloquial lyrics, peppy instrumentation and good harmony make the songs click. Apart from Shankar Mahadevan, S P Balasubramanyam and Chitra, Yuvan has opted for young and enthusiastic singers for the album and it is evident from the end product.

Besides penning a lyric for a song on friendship, Yuvan himself has sung a couple of numbers.

Both the producer (S P Charan) and the director (Venkat Prabhu) are steeped in musical traditions of Tamil cinema. Teaming up with Yuvan, they have come out with a rocking album.

The lyrics by Na Muthukumar, Gangai Amaren also carry a bespoke youthful exuberance.

Listen to them and fall in love with them immediately.

Ennamo (Anoushka)

A perfect beginning. A typical Yuvan song which begins in the form of a jingle and gathers momentum as it progresses. Set in the form of a western rap, the song is dominated by soft use of guitar and flute. Anoushka rendering in an Anglican accent works wonders. The song is like a hot pizza topped up with sweet sauce. Sure to be lapped up by the youth. Is this Anoushka the daughter of Pandit Ravishankar?

Ulle Vaa (Yuvan Shankar Raja, Funky Sathya)

Seemingly influenced by the likes of Backstreet Boys, Yuvan has used all the rhythmic inspirations and peppy energy. A catchy rap accompanies the lyric all through. It is sung by a group of friends who are ready to take on the cricket field. The mix of English and Tamil lyrics makes it interesting. Yuvan Shankar Raja gives the song the right energy. And it is infectious.

Natpukkulae (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Yuvan always coaxes the best out of the guitar. If it is violin for his dad, then it is guitar for him. With just a solo guitar, Yuvan begins the song which dwells on friendship. Sure to find a place in all college campuses, the song is very stylish. Smooth to hear, it has Yuvan's stamp affixed all through. The song is very special since Yuvan renders it with grace and charm.

Watch out for the lyric, it is sure to become an anthem among the students.

Saroja Samman Nikalo (Shankar Mahadevan, Prem Gi Amaren)

Begins with a Hindi word. It is supposedly a symbol of energy among the youth today. A racy stuff which should keep the youth shaking their legs. Yuvan has incorporated all the mass feel instruments. Reminding Ilayaraja of early 1980s, the song oozes peppy pace and vibrant energy. Shankar Mahadevan, the man with a bundle of firecracker in his voice, does a thorough job. Playing the second fiddle is Prem Gi Gangai Amaren (son of Gangai Amaren). But he is not far behind. It is full of fun and frolic. The lyric is very simple and sure to be heard in every nook and corner of Chennai. Yuvan has smartly used Annathai Adurar from Aboorva Sagodharargal in the interlude.

Un Parvai (Vijay Yesudas)

If all the earlier songs were predominantly racy tracks, with Vijay Yesudas around, Yuvan has come up with a soft melody. A soft romantic number, the song has good beats and soft percussion instruments accompanying it to give the listeners a mystic feeling. Yuvan has taken a leaf out of his father's works. Job well done Yuvan.

Jalsa (Ranjith, Karthik, Tippu, Prem Gi Gangai Amaren)